Saturday, February 20, 2010

Iran Weapons Crisis

Iran’s nuclear program is something worth bothering about.  Sure, there is still no actual working nuclear weapon available in Iran.  But they do have enriched uranium for energy production - for "peaceful programs", as they claim. Moreover, they had already developed rocket technology that have long-radius range and are still working for rockets that can go further (see the image at the left).  It doesn’t take a genius CIA analyst to see where this is going.  (Besides, uranium for generation of electricity?!  Ha!  Doesn’t Iran have all the oil they need for that?)

Will the United Nations this time enforce their rules and regulations or remain passive as what they did with Iraq (which forced the US [Bush] to take the matter at their own hands)?  A deeper question: will a now liberal-governed US be able to take the initiative to pressure (even if it have to go to the point that it is necessary to insert military pressure) Iran in abandoning their WMD aspirations?  (This is no longer the Kennedy-era Democrats who can play hard ball… this is a political power-hungry “morally and intellectually bankrupt” – as David Limbaugh said – Democrat Party in the US today)

This is a different era than the Cold War.  At least, back then, the MAD (mutual assured destruction) gives an uncomfortable but effective impasse to stop the world from being blown up “ten times over.”  At least, we can trust the Soviets and the Americans not to mess the equilibrium because they are a more “practical” bunch – both are scared of upsetting the balance.  Now, we have Iran and North Korea with nukes. And WMDs at the hands of this type of countries – which are unpredictable and has the potential to just snap to insanity (thus fearing nothing) – is definitely scary.

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