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Finally, Who I Would Vote For President

Earlier this year, I wrote an essay about my initial research and thoughts about those running for president this election.  But back then, my mind was not yet made up who I would vote for.  This time around, I finally have my candidate.

This is my second analyses of the candidates.  In the previous essay, I did it in random order.  Now, I rate it from my least preferred candidate to the candidate I would vote for.

So, here goes...

JC de los Reyes makes the last place because he does not impress me one bit.  It’s a losing race for him.  My mother told me that he at least has guts to run against giants.  I rather think it’s arrogance. 

He struck me as a guy who thinks he’s infallible and has the answer for everything.  In one of those segments on TV for us to know the presidential candidates, he claims that he has some statistics on something (related to condoms, health, population and sex in Thailand.  Don’t bother to know the details, I think you know the picture), and when one of the panelists sited a WHO statistic contradicting his statistics, he claimed that the latter is false and doctored and that the statistic he has, which he got in some seminar he attended, is the correct one.  Without concrete argument or backing, he boldly claimed that the statistics he got from some seminar is correct and that the data from a UN specialized agency, which has to be independent and objective and credible, is false.  The arrogance.

He’s a nervous wreck.  He can’t make the connection for the audience to believe his plans if elected (at least, for my personal opinion).  One instance was when he defended his stand that sex education should not be taught at school.  With awkwardness and nervous laughs, he was not able to deliver a definite answer.  One of the senatoriables in his ticket at least gave the correct answer (in my opinion, it was the correct answer) during another situation:  sex education should be taught at home since it is the responsibility of the parents (Bravo).  

I don’t think he has the nerves needed to be an effective president.

Noynoy Aquino is the frontrunner of this race and might actually win.  He has his ace, his sister, who is the Greatest Endorser in the History of Advertisement in the Philippines.  Our presidential race is actually a popularity contest, with the presidentiables as products.  And whatever product Kris Aquino endorses becomes successful.   Conclusion:  Noynoy has great probability of winning.  He already has the showbiz glitz factor.  See, here?  He appears to be already comfortable with signing autographs.      

But, come on, he actually got nothing.  I really like this table:

But my father - who I think is going to vote for him - that among the other candidates, Noynoy was the only one “forced” to run, while the others had already plans before the filing of candidacies – thus they already have their own agendas.  Therefore, Noynoy has no agenda for himself and might be sincere in his desire to make a change. 

I would not vote for him for the argument that though it could be true that “he will not steal”, but basing from his records and his willingness to accommodate traditional politicians (does he realize that these politicians might be just using his popularity for their own ends?), he might not have the will to stop those under him.

Moreover, Noynoy – contrary to many people’s belief that he’s “clean” – has his own share of dark pasts.  He had that Hacienda Luisita controversy.  And the most damning of them all, he used to be an ally of PGMA and had defended her during the “I am sorry” controversy.  Now, he’s a prominent anti-PGMA.  What happened?  He actually realized she is evil, or is he actually a "trapo", changing sides for his convenience?

Because of some brilliant programs and accomplishments, and having proven good managerial skills, I might actually had considered voting for Manny Villar if not for: a) his C-5 extension scandal, which is so obvious to be expensive and disadvantageous in the part of the government, anomalous and had benefited Villar.  Thus, Villar is not fully a man who became rich “sa sariling sikap” and had also used his position to benefit himself financially, like the other traditional politicians; b) his arrogance of having too many absences, and ultimately refusing to attend sessions, in the Senate after being ousted as Senate President and during C-5 scandal Senate hearings; c) his rags-to-riches mystique advantage was shattered by the fact that there are public records claiming that their family back then owns some land, and, also, that death certificate issue about his brother which could be proof that he faked his poverty and they were actually, at least, middle class.  Plus, he did not actually start from zero to become a super rich tycoon.  It is said that his wife was actually rich, and thus when he married her, he was able to have the capital for entrepreneurial expansion and become richer; d) now, this could be some black propaganda, and could be not true, but it leaves a black mark. It is also said that he stole lands from our ethnic people and then turned them into subdivisions; the dates on the titles for the lands pre-dates the actual date of the foundation of the agency that registers such land titles; and e) another probable black propaganda but minus points nonetheless, is that he is the real candidate of PGMA.  That he had made deals with her.  (This is actually believable.  It is just like her to plan something diabolical.  Using Gibo as diversion, but in fact, supporting Villar.  And when they won, Villar as President and PGMA becomes Prime Minister, they reveal the truth that they are going to rule the Philippines forever!  Chilling conspiracy theories…) 

His advertisements are actually so popular and a hit with Filipinos, that he is in par or second to Noynoy in ratings.  Thus, many would vote for him.  But just like I won’t vote for Noynoy, I won’t vote for Villar.  I would not succumb to making this election a popularity contest.

It is actually sick what some Bro. Eddie Villanueva supporters are implying: “If you are a Christian, you should vote for him.”  As if it is required of our Christianity to vote for him. 

I am a Christian.  And that is actually the reason why I won’t vote for him.  As a presumption, unless God tells me otherwise, his calling as a pastor is nobler than running as president.  Tending the sheep and being a tool to evangelize lost souls is actually more Christian-oriented than running for president.  A Christian has a mentality of being a Citizen of Heaven above his nationality, and unless, it is in sync of God’s will, running for a public office is not a priority compared to preaching the gospel.

My prime criticism on the Bro. Eddie campaign is that church machinery and resources, instead of promoting Christ, are used to promote Bro. Eddie.  The Great Commission is forgotten.  Bro. Eddie also compromises his beliefs (like his appearance on Quiboloy’s church) just to help his campaign.  The rest of the Christian community might be labeled and be distorted because of what he is doing.

I am not against a coalition of faiths to venture into politics.  But it has to have a distinct identity from the churches or faiths they belong.  Meaning, as individuals, though guided by their morals, they venture into politics without using their churches as support groups.  And, supporters should support as individuals and not as a church.  Sadly, this is not what Bro. Eddie’s coalition is doing. The churches become tools for his campaign.  It is almost implied that one is required to support him if one is part of the JIL church, or their ally churches.     

I am also not dismissing that God might have called him to be president, as he claims to be.  But as I can see in his campaign, I see someone that it is not relying completely on God’s hand, but someone acting on his own by playing the political game by the world’s rules.

But if God is with him, who can be against him? He’ll win if he is indeed called.  I, however, am not being called to vote for him. 

All I can say about Nicanor Perlas is that he is smart.  But his type is not for the presidency.  His type is effective as part of the Cabinet.  

What?  I rate Erap Estrada this high? Yes, I do.  I know he has flaws. He has vices.  He has been convicted (and pardoned) of plunder.  He actually might had been stealing from the government during his first tenure.  And he’s old.

But, he’s also an open book.  You already know his flaws.  While in the other candidates, they could be wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing.   He had also done some great things during his presidency.  He crushed terrorists in Mindanao.  Actually defended some poor farmers from greedy landowners.  Made programs for the poor (don’t believe me?  Then why do the poor love him?).  He turned a negative economic growth to positive.

 In my opinion, Erap was only ousted by power because the rest of the country, those in the provinces which are made up of his “masa” supporters, do not have the resources or capabilities to voice out their support for him.  While the anti-Eraps are all situated in or near NCR, therefore being able to create a huge crowd in EDSA.

In Erap, what you see is what you get.  Plus, he has never stopped entertaining us even after he left showbiz.    

Just as I expected, the majority of the youth vote meant for Chiz Escudero was diverted to Gibo Teodoro when Chiz chose not to run.    I can see it in my Facebook wall (a lot of my peers are joining the "Di sayang ang boto mo kay GIBO TEODORO dahil marami tayo!" group).  They are enchanted by Gibo’s intelligence.

I, for one, was actually considering voting for Gibo back then when Chiz decided not to run and Mar decided to be Noynoy’s vice president.  I was almost prepared to ignore that he’s PGMA’s lackey.  Though hesitant and half-heartedly, he was the one I was favoring back at that time.  Then the Ampatuan Massacre happened.  Then Martial Law came in Maguindanao and soldiers sent there dug out the weaponry held by the Ampatuans.  How on earth that such stockpile of weaponry, purchased by government funds, was held by the Ampatuans?   All of this happening under Gibo’s nose.  If that can actually happen when he was Defense Secretary, it could happen when he is President.  For the sake of political alliances, he was willing to turn his head and look the other way.

Gibo almost got me as a voter, but, no, thank you.

And the shocker… 

Jamby Madrigal

Jamby! I am actually considering Jamby when I had said before that I was not taking her seriously? 

Yup.  Jamby Madrigal impressed me during those TV presidentiable debates and forums.  She always has straightforward answers and knowledge on all issues thrown to her, and she has brilliant ideas on how to deal with the problems of the nation.  She never hides her richness, and never avoids topics about this.  She also seems sincere in wanting to help; I think one of the reasons she chose to run for president is because she is frustrated that such man that she considers a villain (Manny Villar) gets a high rating in the surveys, and she wants to stop him from getting the highest position in the land.     Her witty sharp tongue is entertaining.  She is strong-willed and smart (a “Mirriam Defensor-Santiago”- type).  And, the factor that made me rate her this high, is her cowboy-ness. I had always admired cowboys.  Jamby is a gunslinger – always ready to make a stand, down to the last bullet.  So even if it seems a losing battle, she still runs independently for president.  True crazy cowboy mentality.     

But, I am wary of her crazy impulses.

So, who would I ultimately vote for this May 10? (drum roll)

I will be voting for…

Yup.  I will be voting for Optimus Prime himself, Dick Gordon.  He’s the most equipped in terms of qualifications and experience.  Again, let us look at this table again:

There you go, the most impressive "bio-data" is of Dick's.  And what he did to Subic was dramatic and wouldn’t it be nice if he can do it to the whole country?   He is smart and has strong political will.  Yes, Philippines becoming like Subic seems possible with him on top.  

Of course, his personality is like the “totalitarian-type” and could have the nature of tending wanting to have his way always.  This could have a neagative effect (but let his cabinet deal with that initialy if this concern does arise).  And of course, I am not really sure if he can do it and would not screw up when he gets the office.  For this, I would vote for him but he has not impressed me to actually campaign for him.

This is a gamble.  But so far, at face value and actual evaluation, Gordon is my candidate.  Hopefully, he can set things right in this government and country.

Hopefully, you got the balls to go with your name, Dick. 

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