Friday, July 01, 2011

Top 10 English Words

I have always loved words more than numbers.  Yep, numbers are actually kind of cool, but words, for me, have more depth.  Numbers are objectively cold.  A 1 is a 1.  A 1 can never be a 2.  They are what they are.  Words, however, are subjectively dynamic in its articulation.  A word can have a variety of meanings or usages.  Take for example the word “pretty”.   Pretty can mean beautiful.  It can be used as an adverb, as in “pretty much” or “pretty good”.  In fact, we can use “pretty” as an adverb in a phrase that is opposite of the meaning of “pretty” per se.  The phrase is “pretty ugly”.        

Words are colorful and empathic.   And among them, here are my top ten favorite English words…


Among English words, I found “intelligence” to have the most subtle but obvious implication of power.  We are now in the Information Age.  There’s no more important asset than intelligence.  Wars are won by intelligence (yes, espionage-related intelligence).  In politics and business, the better the intelligence is, the better the decision making – for earning future yield – will be.  Nowadays, information and knowledge are the cards in the poker game of life.  The better the quality of these means the better cards in your hand, thus better chances of winning.


This adjective imply that the object (usually a person) is well-rounded.  Multi-faceted.  Multi-talented.  Flexible.  Wide area of knowledge, interests and/or skills.  That means having depth.  Which ultimately means the person is fun, interesting, can fit in well, and not boring.  It’s one of the most valuable descriptions or compliments that one can ever give somebody.


I consider the word “lovely” as the highest adjective to describe something or someone that is beautiful, pretty, or gorgeous.  So whenever I use the word, it means I have given my highest praise on the degree of beauty, appeal, or pleasantness.
7.) COOL

Cool has been used as slang for something that is good, or nice, or interesting, or remarkable, or amazing, etc.  And that’s a reason why I like the word.  It can have different intensity of meaning and ways to handle it.  But the main reason I like the word “cool” is because of its definition as being calm.  It portrays an appearance of tranquility and control, even in midst of excitement or pressure.
6.) IF

I once heard someone speak that “If” is the biggest word in the world.  Because it means a condition… a stipulation… a requirement… an assumption.  Before an effect or event to happen, the “if” should happen or be met first.    

5.) THUS

I also like its synonyms “therefore”, “then”, “hence”, and “ergo”.  I like the word (and its synonyms) because it presents a conclusion after an analysis or evaluation.      


Grace means a gift that is undeserved and unearned.  It means a love that is unconditional.  Instead of punishment, reward or blessing is received.  As a Christian, the word “grace” is a sweet sound to the ears.  For us Christians, it means Christ dying for our sins, saving us from eternal death and suffering in Hell, and giving us eternal life in Heaven instead.  Ah, to know why “grace” is one of my favorite English words, I’ll let John Newton explain (read the lyrics of the immortal song he had penned, i.e. “Amazing Grace”) in my behalf. He articulated perfectly how so, er, amazing grace is.


When the word “logic” is mentioned, it gives a feeling of rationality, sound judgment, and order.  The word “logic” came from the Greek word “logos” which means “sentence” or “reason”.  I love the word “logic” because I love the essence of “logic”.  It is the study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning.  I sincerely believe that logic, if wielded properly and when based on true premises, will lead to the truth.  And I always desire the truth.


People, including me of course, tend to overuse both “cool” and “awesome” to describe almost anything, but more so with “awesome”.  “Awesome” is greater than “cool”.  If I think of “lovely” as the highest description for the degree of beauty and such, I think of “awesome” as the greatest of all positive adjectives.  It is the highest form of adjectives like good, great, glorious, fascinating, amazing, remarkable, and such. 

1.) WHY

“Why” is my most favorite word because when the “why” is answered, something is made clearer.  The “why” is the most complicated to answer.  Usually, in the case of “what”, “who”, “when”, and “how”, the answers are just exact objective facts.  But the “why” requires further deliberation since the answers are all about motivations, purposes, and reasons.  When the “why” is known, there is a deeper understanding of the whole picture.      

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