Monday, March 26, 2012

Thoughts on Magnum

I finally tasted Magnum.  Thrice already in fact, as of this review.  Twice with Almond and once with Classic (Almond >>> Classic).  My review:

I got curious with Magnum because of how it went trending in my Facebook wall.   Plenty of talk on how awesome Magnum is.  People proudly upload pictures of themselves eating Magnum.  They boast on their status updates whenever they eat one.  Even to the extent on mentioning the amount, that they had shelved 50 pesos for it.  It’s a new fad!

Questions flooded in my mind.  Why is this stuff not advertized on TV or posters at all (haven’t seen yet if there are any)?  Is this some sort of marketing experiment, by relying on some sort of viral “Internet word of mouth” strategy to create its popularity? Is this merely a meme, with all the picture taking done with it?  I did some researching and found that prior to being launched in the Philippines, Magnum is quite a popular brand around the world.  All this made me more curious.    

So I decided to try it.  Not to join the “in” crowd, but because all the hype about Magnum being ridiculously delicious was too much.  I wanted to have the same experience of ice cream ecstasy as what others had implied when they tasted it.  And that was what I was expecting.         

I expected too much.  It’s definitely a very delicious ice cream, but I was expecting to get my mind and taste buds blown away by it.  However, the hype was not equal to the actual.  I also find 50 pesos too much for it, though many will probably disagree with me on this (Any “Belgian chocolates are expensive, you big ignoramus!” thrown at me will be responded with the “Whatever” fingers from me).  But, consider this, I tried this Korean melon flavored green ice-cream bar worth 40 pesos, and I find the price just right for the quality of that ice cream.
Magnum, though great as its quality is, for me, should only be in the 30 to 40 pesos range.  I could be wrong.  But that’s just my opinion. 

Overall assessment:  slightly overpriced, greatly overhyped, but not overly overrated.  (I hope I made sense with that one.)    

To be fair, I haven’t tried the Chocolate Truffles Magnum yet.  Could it be possible that this is what the Magnum hype is mostly about?


jm.jess said...

I'll try that "Korean melon flavored green ice-cream bar", curious lang.hahaha

Anonymous said...

LOL, yeah, in my country (indonesia) magnum was really "most-wanted" when the first advertising in TV aired. I think they just overly promote it and people are curious in the beginning. That's why next 2-3 month after that, when almost curious people tasted magnum, it become ordinary. I was curious and try to buy too... In my country the price is cheaper than in yours, but still, it considered expensive for just an ice cream.