Friday, April 06, 2012

A Short (but Meaty) Reflection This Holy Week

“Nails didn’t hold God to the cross. Love did.” – Max Lucado (When God Whispers Your Name)

This Holy Week, it’s that time of year again that we significantly commemorate Jesus Christ’s death on the cross (and his eventual resurrection, of course).  Whenever I think deeply of the awesomeness of God’s love and grace, it overwhelms me.  

Ponder this:  this great and glorious God – the Creator who doesn’t owe anything to his Creation – would choose to humble himself, incarnate himself to become human, to endure extreme humiliation and suffering and death, so that He can ensure the salvation of His children.  

His being God won’t be lessened if he doesn’t do it; God will remain a glorious and happy God no matter what.  He wasn’t obliged to do it.  But, still, he did it.  That’s how deep God’s love is.         

How much of a big deal is that? That God would bother to go through all of this to save a wretched, pathetic, unlovable, unworthy sinner like me?  That’s extremely outrageous!  But that’s the truth.  

If that fact won’t blow you away, nothing can.  

And for this, I’m eternally grateful to Jesus Christ.  

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