Friday, November 30, 2012

"It is my joy and prayer, that by making a fool of myself, you will be led to Christ."

I have some knack on making people laugh
Those who know me can attest to this
However, though I have wit, the best comedy I’ve ever created was not through cleverness
But through crazy, over-the-top antics
I’m somewhat of a clown
A jester
A fool
I have no problem in making myself ridiculous and nutty if necessary to arouse laughter

So there was not much difficulty when I was given the chance to do miming
(Technically, it’s pantomiming.  But those guys have been calling it “miming”, so…)
I can still remember
It was about four and a half years ago
Just about half a year had passed since transferring to this new church
It was in a summer youth camp
The poster paint made my face burn and itch 
(The discomfort from using poster paint as a replacement for face paint would continue on being my most disliked part about miming)
And from then on, I’ve been a staple and key member of our church’s mime team  
Mime has always been one of the usual performances in each special event of our church
I put white paint on my face and clown around on stage two or three times a year

On that stage
Acting out as a mad albularyo (Filipino witch doctor) – the most popular character I’ve played
Being ridiculous and all
My face burning and itchy
Along with others who have the same heart as mine
Whether we inspire an uproar of laughter or merely amused chuckles
Always has been a glorious experience

Why is it glorious?
To play the fool in the King’s court is a great honor
It’s not merely for the sake of making the spectators laugh…
But, most importantly, to please the King
And it’s promised that, someday, my silly jester hat will be replaced with a magnificent crown
Thus, I am proud to be the King’s fool

It is my joy and prayer, that by making a fool of myself, you will be led to Christ.

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