Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chain of Thoughts: Pac-Man Remains the Champion in My Book

  • It’s really funny that the loss of Pacquiao has more effect on me than the destruction and death caused by the typhoon “Pablo”.  The loss of Pacquiao stings and gave a blue let-down.  But I was generally apathetic with the tragedy brought by “Pablo” (I was just glad it didn’t hit us).   I know most Filipinos are like this, too.  That’s something to think about. 
  • This defeat was really devastating.  But, in a way, I prefer this over Pac-Man’s loss against Bradley.  With Marquez, Pac-Man’s loss was definite.  With Bradley, however, it was extremely obvious that Manny dominated that fight, but two judges gave the victory to Bradley – showing that pro boxing is absolutely corrupt!      
  • Among all of Manny Pacquiao’s opponents, Juan Manuel Marquez is definitely the one who stands out.  Among all opponents, Marquez is the only one that Manny obviously has a hard time fighting.  They split their first meeting, and their next two battles – that Manny won – were extremely close.  So I was glad they didn’t opt for a rematch with Bradley, since despite being officially a loss, no man in his right mind would see it as such.  The Bradley fight, regardless of the judges’ decision, was clearly a win and Pac-Man has really nothing to prove with a rematch.  So I didn’t mind a Pacquiao-Marquez 4 since their meetings were always intense and thrilling, and Manny has to win convincingly to finally declare that he’s finished with Marquez.  But with Marquez being the one winning in convincing fashion, Manny – who already said that he has no plans of retiring yet – should not move on to another fight without having at least another duel with Marquez.  I won’t mind watching another fight or two with Marquez.  Pac-Man needs vindication to move on. 
  • That nasty, well-timed punch from Marquez that annihilated Pacquiao was really stunning – not only to Pacquaio, but to, us, spectators, too.  I know Pacquiao was going to be knocked down (I watched the delayed telecast) but Marquez’s punch still shocked me.  It just came out of nowhere.  Of course, being a Pacquaio fan, it was a real downer.  But I always call a spade a spade, and as someone who appreciates boxing, I acknowledge that it was an amazing, sick and beautifully-executed counter.
  • Pacquiao said that, at that last slugging out at the closing seconds of round 6, he slipped forward, which made him completely absorb the fullness of Marquez’s counter.  Hmmmm.  Was it really a slip?  Or something else?  You decide.
  • Angel Hernandez, Marquez’s strength and conditioning coach for this fight, has a history of juicing up Olympic athletes with steroids.  Just sayin’. But I’m not implying anything.  (It’s a possibility, though, that Marquez could have taken performance enhancing drugs for this fight)
  • So Justin Bieber mocked Pacquiao in his Instagram.  I’ve always thought that Bieber was greatly unlikable, so there’s nothing new about this.  But there’s something that annoys me more than Bieber’s lack of class... Ignorant people are absurdly and irrationally blaming Pacquiao’s last two defeats to his religious conversion.  I can rant longer about this, but I won’t.
  • Still, it’s kind of discouraging to see Christian sports celebrities currently having difficulties.  Pacquiao lost his fights after becoming a Christian.   Tim Tebow is not really being spectacularly potent with the Jets as he was with the Broncos, that he made millions of people curious of John 3:16.    While Linsanity is, so far, not being repeated in Houston.  It’s as if God’s favor is not working on them.  As a Christian, it seems a part of you questions a bit, “Lord, these guys are your children.  Why aren’t you favoring them, making them succeed and dominate their respective sports, to show the world that You are pleased and glorified by their lives?”  Nonetheless, I believe that God is in total control and that everything happens – even the results of sports – according to His will.  And things that go according to His will happen to bring Him the greatest glory and, by extension, the greatest good for His children.  We have no right to question His wisdom.  Indeed, God has plans for His children, and though they could be in a low point at present, but in the end, glorious victory is assured!  Just need to completely surrender to and trust God; that He will work in the lives of these Christian sports heroes I root for, as well as with my life.
  • Manny and Jinkee’s interview with Diane Castillejo was very uplifting.  Of course, Pac-Man was saddened with the loss, but he was a true class act.  He showed true sportsmanship and grace in his loss, and remained positive.  But the best thing of all is how Manny and Jinkee showed that their faith is unshakable despite the defeat.  They proclaimed that worldly glories are all temporary and having a strong faith and relationship with Christ – not only in good times, but in bad times as well – are what really matters and is their real victory!  They just surrender everything to God.  Seeing how Pacquiao positively responds to his loss really inspires and comforts someone like me who is both a Christian and Pac-Man fan disappointed by the loss.
  • I am actually pretty excited of Manny’s career from this point on.  He’s now back as an underdog.  And it’s a pretty interesting matter – story-wise and career-wise.  From this point on, Manny will be working again to rise to the top.  With a Christian perspective this time around.  And I feel it’s going to be a more exciting ride.
  • Pacquiao-Marquez 5!  And beyond!  See you.   

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