Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Valentines? Bah, Humbug!" Part 2

This time around, it would carry a different tone from what I wrote two years ago.

I have a problem with Valentine’s Day.  A particular date – Februrary 14 – should never dictate when one should make somebody feel special.  Because if it does, it creates expectations.  Toxic expectations, that when not met, creates nasty disappointments and heartbreaks. 

Valentine’s Day makes you aim for a superficial title.  The title of being “romantic.”  It makes you live for a superficial experience.  To experience an idea called “romantic.”  And when this idea of “romantic” is not achieved, if nothing “romantic” happened, then the day becomes a failure.  Being “romantic” becomes more important than the actual person.    

That’s just sad, isn’t it?  The memory of being loving the entire year is erased if you fail to be “romantic” during this one particular day.

Bah, humbug.  

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