Saturday, July 27, 2013

RE: Superior Spider-Man Part 4 (Or "New-Look Superior Spider-Man Upped the Ante!")

I will always hate the “Superior” theme – awesome as it had turn out to be – since the essence of Spider-Man is NOT like that.  However, I’ve established in the past that Superior Spider-Man is an ironic, remarkable experience.  Because, at the same time of hating it, I’m also enjoying the awesomeness it has brought.  Hating and enjoying… they surprisingly mix well in this circumstance.  As a Spidey fan, I just can’t help it.

Take for example the debut of the new-look Superman Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man #14 (technically, the new-look costume was first seen in Avengers #15).  
That is so far away from being Spider-Man but I have been overwhelmed by the sheer kickassery.  Spidey has an army of spiderbots, spider-mechas, and spider minions!  That is so wrong.  That’s not Spider-Man!  I hate it.  And yet… “Arachnaughts”?! “Spiderlings”?!  Whoa.  That was epic!

Spidey’s new mechanical spider-limbs also debuted in Superior Spider-Man #14. Fantastic piece of hardware.  

Furthermore, in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, it is implied that Otto, who has been recently capturing and collecting Sinister Six members as if they were Pokemon, will create a team consisting of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery.
That’s interesting.  How will he make these villains work for him?  I have a theory:  He will put spider-bot brain implants on them that would allow him to control them.  He already did this before on the Avengers when he was still Dr. Octopus, by the use of octo-bots (during the “Ends of the Earth” storyline last year).
I am excitedly intrigued. Can’t wait to see how this new “Superior Team” will turn out.

Still, even with all these interesting stuff happening, I desire nothing less than Peter Parker’s return as Spider-Man.  I prefer that over any epicness that the Superior Spider-Man might be able to generate.  However, during the Spider-Man panel in San Diego Comic Con this year, Marvel editor Steve Wacker insisted, “There’s no more Peter Parker. How much clearer can we make it? There’s no twist.”

That sucks.

There’s no doubt that Peter Parker will come back in the future (death is never permanent in comics).  But what was implied by Wacker’s statement is that there’s no plan for it happening in the near future.  We’re going to be stuck with Otto Octavius as Spider-Man for a loooooooooong time.   

And so I will be stuck with having this confusing mix of feeling fury and fun for the Superior Spider-Man for a long time as well.

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