Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Inspirational Food for Thought from Captain America

A bit of a background:
This happened during the “Civil War” event back in ’06 (if I recall the year right).  After leaving the Pro-Registration side because his conscience couldn’t stomach their methods (like imprisoning non-registered heroes in the Negative Zone), Spider-Man wrestled with a moral dilemma.  He knew that the Iron Man and the Pro-Registration side were wrong, but they were the ones on the side of the government, enforcing the Superhuman Registration Act; he was uncomfortable of switching sides, considering the fact that those in the Anti-Registration side are the ones breaking the Law.

Captain America, the leader of the Anti-Registration side, gave Spidey a very thought-provoking speech that finally put him at ease.  When I read that, it felt to me that Captain America was really delivering this speech in person in front of me.  It gave me goosebumps ; its powerful truth echoed through my bones.    

Beautiful.  /slowclap /tears 

Captain America, from time and time again, has proven that he’s loyalty doesn’t lie with the US government.  His allegiance has always been for the values and principles that America is founded upon; he believes that these are the essence of America, thus, by extension, the essence of his being Captain America.  (Now I like to think that, even as American values and morality gradually deteriorates due to the ongoing poisoning of liberal philosophy on American society, the American nation has been solidly founded on wonderful values of freedom and morality.   I like to think that this perception is a historical fact, and not a mere product of romantic thought.  And these American values are represented and personified by Captain America.)        

Anyway, the point of Captain America’s speech was this:
Doing what is right is never dependent on what the majority or what authority says is right.  In fact, time and time again, you will find that the objective right thing is actually at odds with the world’s definition of “the right thing.”  It takes true courage and guts to make a stand, to do the right thing, to never give in to pressure, to never compromise, when everything – everyone or every power – around you is against you. 

I coin Captain America’s philosophy as “moral badassery” (you heard this from me first. lol) – the best kind of badassery that could possibly be.  And I really want to emulate this.  I want to have the courage of doing the right thing no matter what the circumstance and cost to me are – to steadfastly hold my ground, stare down the incoming charge of the world’s fallacious principles, and say, “No, you move.”    

I want to be a moral badass like Captain America.        

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