Saturday, November 09, 2013

Daniel Acuña Almost Made the Perfect Avengers Poster

To commemorate the Avengers’ 50th Anniversary this 2013, Daniel Acuña created this amazing artwork that features past and present Avengers members through the team’s 50 year history.  This artwork was divided and featured as alternate covers for the Avengers comicbook series.  It will culminate in Avengers #24.NOW as a fantastic six-foot poster.    

CLICK HERE to view its full size glory. (Do not forget to maximize.  If the link leads you to its Photobucket page, click the magnify button at the image’s right bottom corner.  And then click the “view original” magnify button at its right bottom corner once again.)

By itself, this poster is awesome.  It was nearly perfect.  And that’s why, at the same time, it’s a disappointment.  For it was only nearly perfect and NOT perfect.  Acuna and Marvel had the opportunity to truly create the perfect Avengers poster and they blew it.

My nitpicking:
  • It is incomplete; not all Avengers are featured.  This is the main reason why this poster failed to be perfect. 
  • El Nihilo, Abyss, Nightmask, and Starbrand of the main Avengers team; Victor Mancha, Doombot, and Alexis of the Avengers A.I. roster; Blue Marvel, the new Ronin (currently being “Spider-Hero”; I think he’s just Iron Fist in disguise, though), White Tiger, and Power Man of the new Mighty Avengers – these guys are not in it.    I understand that Acuna could have done this artwork in early 2013 or late 2012, in which he had no knowledge of the new additions for this year.  Still, it would have been cooler if these new Avengers are in it as well.  Acuña and/or Marvel should have had the forethought back in 2012 (or the date of its creation) to determine all members of the Avengers by 2013, that when the poster was finally released on its release date (December 2013, I think), it would have all the Avengers in it. 
  • If this poster has been finalized in early 2013 or late 2012, then there is no excuse why Black Bolt is not in it. He was already part of the New Avengers book then.  His absence in the poster now gives the implication that this current New Avengers team is not a true Avengers team, which is just bad if so. 
  • All former Avengers are accounted for, except for one – the Living Lightning.  It would actually have been slightly better if a couple of them have been missed.  But just one?!  An absence of one provokes excruciating annoyance in any collection or ensemble. [EDIT: an anonymous commenter pointed out that the Living Lightning is actually there between Wonder Woman and Daredevil.  I did not see him properly for he is in electric form.  My apologies.]     
  • If some honorary members are included, then it would have been best if ALL honorary members have been included.  And if Jarvis is in it, Rick Jones should be in, too.    
  • Why is Nick Fury, Jr. included but Phil Coulson is not?   The two share the same status.   Both are S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and members of the current Secret Avengers, which is actually under S.H.I.E.L.D. and not the Avengers’ black ops as it was originally, hence, its status as a bona fide Avengers team is unclear and questionable.  And because of that, I would have easily understood if neither of them was included.  But that was not the case.  Fury, Jr. is in, but Coulson is out; it doesn’t make sense.  Either include both of them, or completely exclude them.  Heck, if Nick Fury, Jr. is in it, Taskmaster should be in it also.        
So, Dan, you did great… but close, but no cigar.  The perfect Avengers poster – that assembles every Avengers in history – is still non-existent at this point.  


Anonymous said...

The Living Lightning is actually between Wonder Man and Daredevil. ;)

bernel said...

wow! you're right. i missed him. thanks for pointing that out ^_^