Monday, February 10, 2014

Top 10 Fictional Characters That Have Ice Powers

While other “elemental” powers are depicted as powerful, ice powers are often portrayed as both powerful and aesthetic.  Hence, the best kind of characters that have ice powers are those that are both potent and creative in their usage of their ice-themed powers.  These are my picks for the ten coolest fictional characters (pun intended) of that kind.    

10.) ICE

Kicking off this list is the lazily named “Ice”, a Justice Leaguer that has ice powers. (She regularly teams up with Fire, another lazily-named hero, who has – you guessed it – fire powers.)  Ice has an innocent, pleasant personality, but it doesn’t mean she’s a weakling.  She is a capable hand-to-hand combatant as well as being fully capable of maximizing her great ice and snow powers.  I admit that she’s not really a very interesting character, but she has been a staple to the Justice League rosters (in the comics) I’ve grown up with.    


Captain Cold is one of the Flash’s most prominent archenemies.  As a villain, he is straight-up interested in profiting from pure, “honest” crime than actual evil (that’s why in the current “Forever Evil” story, he is one of the DC villains that stood up against the Crime Syndicate’s tyranny).  Captain Cold was usually depicted (prior the New 52) as simply a guy armed with a gun that shoots ice rays, but in the New 52, he now has real ice and cold superpowers, making this character more interesting.   Moreover, he is shockingly set to become a member of the Justice League, with Lex Luthor, in the aftermath of “Forever Evil”!             


Mr. Freeze is primarily concerned with curing his terminally ill wife, who is cryogenically frozen.  But per usual of a Batman villain, he’s insane.  Thus, his delusions and madness often lead him to do destructive actions with his ice capabilities.  Mr. Freeze has no superpowers, but as a former cryogenic scientist, he has built freezing gadgets and weapons, particularly his trademark “freezing gun”, and his villainous schemes usually involve ice.     

7.) TOYA

During Yu Yu Hakushu’s Dark Tournament Saga, Toya (if I can remember it right, he was “Toryo” in the Filipino dub) was a member of Team Masho, one of the teams that Team Yusuke matched with.  His opponent had been Kurama (“Dennis” in the Filipino dub), and though he had the upper hand early on (for Kurama has been spent and was under a curse from his previous opponent) and displayed tactical talent, Kurama proved to be his tactical superior and beat him in the end.  Later on, Toya – along with some other former participants of the tournament – would become Kurama’s ally during the Three Kings Saga.  

Toya would begin a fight by turning the battlefield icy, to his advantage.  During battle, he would usually shoot out “ice bullets” and use an “ice sword” as weapon.  


Hitsugaya is the youngest Shinigami that ever reached the rank of captain.  Being a “child” prodigy (his age in years is not necessarily those of a child in human standards, though his appearance is that of one, hence, he didn’t qualify for my list on fiction’s boy geniuses), his development and promotion had been swift among the ranks of Gotei 13.  The motif of his Zanpakutō, Hyōrinmaru, is that of ice.  Hyōrinmaru is considered as the strongest ice-elemental Zanpakutō in soul society.  In shikai-release form, Hyōrinmaru takes the form of an ice dragon, and in bankai-form, it provides Tōshirō with ice dragon attachments – most notably, ice dragon wings – granting him immense ice powers.       


This terrifying ice-powered Mortal Kombat character is one of my most favorite ninjas in fiction.  His martial arts expertise and ice abilities are a lethal combination.     


He is one of the most powerful characters that appeared in One Piece.  He has eaten the “Hie Hie no Mi” devil fruit which gave him tremendous ice powers, and he has shown that he is greatly proficient and versatile in wielding his powers.  His ice powers are so great that he can freeze entire oceans and tsunamis!  He was a former Marine admiral but has left the Marines after losing his ten-day duel with Admiral Sakazuki for the position of fleet admiral.    

3.) ELSA

Frozen’s Queen Elsa is probably my most favorite Disney princess as of now.  As a Disney princess, she is arguably the most unique among them.  There are a variety of reasons why.  One of which is she has no need for a “prince” figure to complete her.  Another is because of her ice and snow powers.  She is so powerful that she can bring snowmen to life, cover the entire land with a permanent winter, build ice castles, and change her wardrobe in an instant – all while carrying out a stirring song number.  She is rightful of being called “the Snow Queen.”  

He seems to be unlike it, but Bobby Drake is one of the most powerful X-Men ever.  His vast ice powers and potential make him so.  He is, I think, the earliest fictional character I’ve encountered that possesses ice powers, hence, he became a definitive benchmark on what makes an effective ice-powered character.  He can create formidable ice constructs of different forms.  He throws ice projectiles.  He can travel by creating ice roads or slides and then “skating” on them.  He can freeze anything.  He can transform his entire body into snow or ice (and if his ice body breaks, he can reconstruct himself without harm to his normal organic form).  These are only to name some of Iceman’s usual applications; however, he is continually evolving and learning new facets and extents to his ice powers.  


My pick for the most kickass and interesting ice-powered fictional character is Gray Fullbuster, one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful and most important members.  His magic, “Ice-Make”, allows him to generate ice and manipulate it into any form or shape that he wills.  He’s not the first character I’ve encountered that constructs things made of ice, but his constructs are infinitely the most creative and most fun I’ve encountered.  He’s like a Green Lantern, but makes use of ice instead of green energy.  Throughout Fairy Tail’s run, Grey has done countless of amazing applications of his magic.  He’s so in tune with ice, that cold temperature – no matter how fierce – never affects him.  In fact, he is most comfortable – especially in combat – when his clothes are off.


Orianna Zeiss said...

Yay! Two/Three my favorite characters made the list: Gray (I love Fairy tail) and Elsa. Have u noticed how Elsa is just about the only girl w/ice powers? The other third is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians ( u could probley guess I ship Jelsa)

kristof gergely said...

I'm so glad you included Elsa on the list,I really love her,she's my favorite Disney character in general.

Anonymous said...

i think she is the only one with ice power that can create living thing