Friday, May 23, 2014

The Prince of Preacher's Most Haunting Quote

Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon is one of the most significant and influential Christian figures in history.   He was a Baptist preacher during his time, and was known to deliver thoughtful and powerful sermons, thanks to his articulate and masterful expositional and oratory skills.  He was even called the “Prince of Preachers.”   Spurgeon’s writings and sermons (many of which were transcribed) were many, thus, there is a rich amount of profound and notable quotes from Spurgeon.  But among these quotable quotes, the quote that made the most impact to me is the one which I have posted above this paragraph. 

The first time I encountered that quote, it really stunned me.  It made me pause and reflect.  Indeed, if I am truly a Child of God, then I should delight on things that my Father delights in, and despise the things that my Father despises.  It’s as simple as that.   It’s the gauge to determine if my faith is sincere.  And I fell short.  Realizing this, I repented.                 

Since then, this particular Spurgeon quote haunts me.    

The pleasures of this world, both the permissible ones and sinful ones, are nothing compared to the pleasures found in the fellowship with God.  I know this.  I believe this.  But often times, I put worldly pleasures above God (which is basically idolatry).  I succumb to temptation; I sin.       

That’s why I am thankful and glad that Spurgeon’s quote is haunting me.   Whenever I found myself enjoying pleasures more than I enjoy God, I reflect on that quote and it leads me to repentance.  This is my continuous struggle. 

I pray that God will use this haunting quote to really transform my heart into finding ultimate satisfaction in Him alone, that there will be no tinge of hypocrisy at all whenever I profess my faith in and love for Him.

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