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Why Do We Need to Consider Nutrition and Eat Healthy Foods? (A Lecture for Nutrition Month)

I was tasked to deliver a short lecture last Monday (July 14) for our students to commemorate Nutrition Month.  This was how it roughly went…

Good morning.

I am here to deliver a short lecture on the significance of being concerned with eating nutritious foods.  Some of the details I will be sharing here are merely taken from your Health lessons.   Nonetheless, I hope that at the end of this short lecture, you will realize the relevance of eating healthy in your lives and be compelled to do your best to maintain a healthy diet.
Part 1 – The Body’s Need for Proper Nutrition

Let us start this with a simple question.     
It’s a misconception to think that one is “malnourished” when he or she is thin, and someone is “healthy” when he or she is fat.  Being “well-nourished” is NOT defined by how thin or fat you are, but whether you have the right amount – emphasis on “right amount” – of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional components that the body requires to function.  Both being too thin and too fat are usually indications of malnourishment – meaning the “right amount” of nutrition is not being met. 

How can we make sure that we are getting the right amount of nutrition from our food intakes?  That’s what the food pyramid is for…

Many nutritionists consider this as the most definite, most comprehensive way of determining the right amount of food intake to ensure that we get the appropriate amount of nutrition that the body needs.  It’s very easy to understand: those that are in the base are the kind of foods that you need to take the most, and as it grows closer to the tip, the less you have to eat such kind of foods.  I will not discuss the food pyramid in detail.  It’s just to introduce or remind you of what guide you can use for a healthy diet.

Part 2 – Some Consequences of Not Getting Proper Nutrition

Now, let us proceed to look at some of the most common diseases that arose whenever there is lack of nutrition in the body, and some of the foods you can eat to avoid them. 

Part 3 – There is a Reason Why They Are Called “Junk” Foods

When we eat healthy foods, the body gains access to and breaks down necessary nutritional components like vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids so it can repair bodily wear-and-tear and refurbish cells.  However, in junk foods, there is a deficiency of nutritional components in them or none at all.  Aside from that, the toxins in junk foods put strain on the body because it has to work extra hard to flush them out of itself. 

Eating too much junk food can also lead to serious conditions…

Part 4 – Some Tips for Eating Healthy

Here are some basic tips for you as you start adopting a healthy diet…  

Part 5 – The Theology of Eating Healthy

As Christians, the Scriptures have provided some implicit insights with regards to the need to eat healthy.   I found four.  Let us read...
As Christians, our bodies are the temple of God.  We have a responsibility to take care of it, to keep it healthy.  Moreover, we need to glorify God in all our actions – and the Scripture openly includes eating, since it was the chosen example.  Do you think we are glorifying God in our eating if we are deliberately and gratuitously consuming stuff that can give harm to “God’s temple”?  There are consequences if we are not faithful stewards of these bodies God has given us. 

Eating should not be an end itself.  We should be conscious that eating is designed by God to give “fuel” to our bodies so that we can do the tasks that He entrusted to us and carry on His will in our lives.  I am not saying that it isn’t right to derive pleasure from eating, but, again, it should not be the end purpose itself.  We don’t enjoy earthly delights just for the sake of enjoying earthly delights itself.  Every pleasure we choose to partake in should always lead us to the glory of God (that is for another topic).    So, as we enjoy eating fried chicken, we always need to remember to thank God with each bite for the pleasure it gives us (delicious foods and meals in general are God’s gifts) and remind ourselves that the enjoyment we are deriving from eating  fried chicken is nothing compared to the enjoyment found in God alone

Lastly, there is no actual forbiddance in eating junk food.  It is not sinful to eat chips or drink soft drinks.  But, again, whenever we allow ourselves to exercise our freedom – and that includes eating junk foods – we need to think well if it’s beneficial to us, if it will help our purpose of glorifying God.        

It is up to you to make a decision out of your personal conviction from the Holy Spirit.  But let these Scriptures be your “food for thought” on your choices regarding your diet.  A Christian will always need to consider the glory of God in everything that his life touches on.     

Part 6 – Conclusion

In closing, I guarantee you this: Eating healthy will greatly help you in your school work.  I want you to ponder on this.

Kim John, stand up and please read the slide…

Zion, please read the next slide…

Next, David Daniel, please stand up and read…

Lastly, students, let us all read together…

Amen.  You can forget everything what T. Bernel has said to you, but just remember this one thing: to glorify God in all things, even your food choices, fitness, health, everything.  Glorify God in all things.      

Thank you very much for listening.   

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