Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Photo Biography Update (12-31-14)

Some notable photos taken during the period of June 24 - December 31, 2014...

Blowing the trick candles along with my co-birthday celebrants during our church youth group's VIP Day for June. 
During the opening program of Joy Campus Ministry (JCM)...
CLICK HERE for some videos of the performances I was in...
I was asked to give advice to students on how to study well (hilarious, I know)
After many years, I got to hang out again with my alma mater's grass.  Waiting for my band's turn to play during BU week.
After hours of waiting, it was finally our turn. 
Basil, Carlo, Me, and Joneil.  During birthday boy Carlo's party.
Running by the pool side.  Taken a day after I learned that I passed the LET.
During our church's annual rice-giving caroling.
On the way to our very first caroling place...
Winson, Joneil, Basil, and me are keeping Carlo company as he finished his dinner.   
Joy YP reunion.  December 29, 2014.  At Pastor Lee's residence.
We are the Men in Black.  With Dave and Zion at Kuya Ronnie and Ate Glad's wedding.  The motif is black.
With my sister, Wanda.
Like a boss by the piano.
With my father.  This was before we went to the venue.
Family picture 2014.

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