Thursday, March 26, 2015

'Paddington' Could Be This Year's Best Family Movie

I have never read the children books, but I watched the cartoons fondly back when I was a kid.  Thus, I can claim that I have familiarity with the source material, and I believe that the movie has perfectly depicted the clumsy but well-meaning, marmalade-loving bear from “darkest Peru.” 

Paddington is as heart-warming and adorable as the best of Disney movies (which, in my opinion, are the greatest family movies out there).  Yes, I went there.  It’s just that wonderful.  Every aspect of Paddington resonates with timelessness and charm – the plot isn’t exactly novel, but the familiar nature of the story is so amiable that it’s still refreshing overall; the kind of humor delivered is clichéd, but everything else is just clicking very well that it does generate genuine laughs; the CGI is impeccable; the narrative romanticizes London as setting to great effect; and its family-centered message truly hits home.  It definitely has the makings of a classic.  Watching it will leave a cozy, warm feeling inside.      

The supporting cast to the CGI bear did a swell, believable job in interacting with the lead character.  The Brown household is easily likable.  Peter Capaldi is simply being the lovable, eccentric Doctor Who that I know.  And Nicole Kidman is a delightfully campy villainess that reminds me of Glenn Close’s Cruella de Vil in the live-action 101 Dalmatians movie.  

It’s still early in the year.   But Paddington, for me, is already the go-to family movie of 2015*.  And it has raised the bar so high for upcoming G-rated films that it’s going to be very difficult to knock this movie off its pedestal in my eyes. 

*It was released in 2014 in the UK.  But as far as the rest of the world is concerned, it’s a 2015 movie.  

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