Saturday, July 11, 2015

'Spring' Is an Enchanting Genre-Bending Love Story

Spring is a delightfully bizarre romantic film with science fiction and horror elements about a directionless young man named Evan who takes an unplanned trip to Italy where he meets and falls in love with a young geneticist named Louise.  Louise is intelligent, beautiful, and warm – seemingly the perfect woman in Evan’s eyes.  But as their relationship deepens, Evan learns that, not only is Louise way out of his league, but she keeps a dark secret about her true identity.

As far as a love story goes, I found no romantic spark between Evan and Louise.  But I’m okay with that, because the premise is really thoughtful and interesting, and the storytelling effectively piques one’s investment to their story.  The two leads are relatively unknown, but their dedicated performances – especially by the actress playing Louise – kept me engage.  Thus, I was completely intrigued on where the characters’ relationship will go and end up.

The secret that Louise is harboring about herself is pretty awesome.  It’s not mindlowing, but it’s still a fresh and smart concept.  The special effects used on it don’t look cheap but quite fine-looking.

This movie does have flaws, but I’ll let them go.  There’s enough good and smart in this movie to easily forgive the bad and the dumb.  The only negative point I’ll raise in this review is the bad editing at some parts.  If it’s intentional, I didn’t get what it’s trying to accomplish.

Lastly, I also need to commend the lovely setting of this movie.  There are a couple of great shots in this movie which give justice to the romantic and pleasant atmosphere of the small Italian coastal town featured in the story.  It’s a prime example of how a charming setting helps in enhancing a movie narrative.

While not fully fabulous and powerful, Spring has true depth, beauty, and a lingering sense of satisfaction.  It’s an enchanting and original movie that needs to be rewarded by having more people go see it.

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