Thursday, October 29, 2015

'Cooties' Lacks the Script to Live Up to Its Promising Premise

After watching the trailer, I got pretty intrigued by Cooties’ premise, so I watched it.  The movie is about an outbreak in an elementary school of a zombie infection that exclusively affects prepubescent kids, turning almost all of its students into zombies, and besieging the surviving members of the faculty.  The nutty set-up is a fresh spin on the genre, and I was hoping that it would translate into a clever and hilarious horror-comedy in the same vein of Shawn of the Dead.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the case.

Cooties’ gags made me crack a smile at most, but all in all, it’s barely funny.  It’s utterly stupid and bland.  Even Elijah Wood’s charming presence is unable to elevate the movie.  It’s a shame, really, for the premise is pretty original.  Heck, even the choice of title had been a witty one.  If only the script had been better, Cooties could have been the next Shawn of the Dead instead of another forgettable zombie flick. 

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