Sunday, October 04, 2015

Critics Enjoyed 'The Overnight'; I Did Not

The Overnight tells the story of a family of three – Alex; his wife, Emily; and their son, RJ – that has recently moved to LA from Seattle.  While in the neighborhood park, the family meets Kurt and his son, Max.  RJ and Max hit it off quickly, and the friendly Kurt invites the family to a pizza dinner at their home.  Anxious to have new friends, especially Alex, they agreed.  That night, they meet Kurt’s wife, Charlotte, and everyone has a good time.  But after the kids are sent to bed, things start to become more and more revealing, seductive, and weird for the two couples as the night goes by.

The Overnight is a generally well-reviewed movie. It sits at 82% at Rotten Tomatoes, and is described as “witty and unpredictable.”  Hence, based on that, I was expecting that this movie is going to be clever, hilarious, and entertaining.

Unfortunately, after watching The Overnight, I have to strongly disagree with the critics’ consensus.  I find nothing marginally enjoyable or funny with this movie.  Instead, I find it awkward, dull, empty, and senseless.  Maybe I just didn’t get what it was trying to be, and am just not particularly sold on its premise, humor, message, and narrative.

So, yeah, I really dislike this movie.  There’s really nothing left to say. 

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