Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kane Winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Should Happen

Two sides of the same fascinating coin
Back in the Attitude Era, Kane used to be this terrifying force of nature.  He always kept a full mask on, rarely utters a word, and was introduced as the half-brother of another legendary sinister character, the Undertaker – all of which gave him this mysterious vibes that further enhanced his frightening characterization.  However, years ago (I remember that I was still in high school then), in a bizarre story decision that I still can’t believe was green-lighted, Kane removed his mask.  From that moment on, though he had his moments, the character was never the same again.  He was no longer the intimidating and enigmatic character that inspires terror and intrigue whenever his music hits.  Gone was his status as an icon.  He was simply another character.

His recent “Corporate Kane” persona, where he serves as the Director of Operations for The Authority, has some degree of fun but is a goofy reinvention nonetheless.  At this point, I’ve already long given up on him that I just don’t care how he packages himself anymore.

Then this feud with Seth Rollins happened.  And it effectively reignited my interest on Kane.

Seth Rollins had been ill-treating Corporate Kane for some time, and there were hints that the latter was getting full of it and would turn on Rollins.  But it never happened.  Corporate Kane chose to put up with it and remained loyal to The Authority.

Then after being sidelined by an injury at the hands of Brock Lesnar, Kane made his return a few months later in Night of Champions as the masked “Demon Kane”, attacking Rollins.  But in a surprising turn of events, “Corporate Kane” also returned a night later, claiming that he was unaware of Demon Kane’s actions the night prior.  And thus, after all these years, begins a refreshing take on the character.  I immensely enjoy the Hyde-Jekyll element of his shifting between Corporate and Demon personalities with some ambiguity on whether he’s truly unaware when he transforms or is just pretending.  I like the fact that he’s screwing with Rollins while, as The Authority’s Director of Operations, being technically a part of Rollins’ team.  This was exactly the role that I wished Randy Orton had played when he returned to The Authority earlier this year (but didn’t): keep the facade of still being loyal to The Authority but in fact sabotage them from within.  And Kane is doing this with perfection.

I’m immensely enjoying this Corporate Kane/Demon Kane storyline, and I wish that this will stick around for a while.  Through this, I have high hopes that Kane will become the beloved, unstoppable Big Red Machine again.  And I think this happening is hinged on him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell.   Winning the title means Corporate Kane will remain as Director of Operations (per the stipulation of the match), the rivalry with Rollins (who, by the way, could be the best WWE talent right now) is sure to be continued, and Kane’s re-emergence as a legit A-list superstar will be solidified.

So, yeah, I’m rooting for him to win in Hell in a Cell.  I just want more of this stuff.

Now if only Kane will go back wearing a full mask all the time (or is it difficult for him to wear it now at his age?).

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