Sunday, October 25, 2015

‘Knock Knock’ Is a Boo-Worthy, Bad Joke

This remake of 1977 movie Death Game (unfortunately) stars Keanu Reeves and is directed and co-written by Eli Roth, who has made his reputation in making gory torture horror films.  Knock Knock tells the story of devoted family man Even Webber (Keanu Reeves) who has been left alone by his wife and children during one Father’s Day weekend and whose life crumbles after he makes the mistake of being hospitable and cordial to two lost and rain-drenched women, who happen to be sociopathic seductresses.

I’m having a hard time saying something substantial about this movie.  It’s pretty bland and anticlimactic actually, and wastes Keanu Reeve’s time and talent.  Its premise – it was trying to be a satirical home-invasion thriller – seemed to be marginally novel and intriguing at first; aside from Reeves, this is what drew me to the movie.  But, after watching it, I found out that it really doesn’t have anything I marginally liked or at least I found a tad notable.  Maybe if it was handled by a different director and writing team, it could have turned out being a more interesting and clever movie.

Simply put, Knock Knock is a trashy attempt of being a contemporarily relevant dark comedy, as it drastically fails at the hands of Eli Roth in being provocative and funny.

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