Monday, November 30, 2015

'Assassination Classroom' Accomplishes Being a Rare Pleasing Live-Action Film Adaptation of an Anime

All live-action adaptations don’t measure up to their anime source materials (I don’t know about the Gokusen and GTO TV series though.  I haven’t followed the anime series thoroughly but I really liked their live-action drama adaptations).  Even the greatest live-action adaptation of an anime, the Ruruoni Kenshi trilogy, was unable to perfectly capture all the awesome things in the anime (I love the movies overall, but I was greatly disappointed that Cho’s Hakujin-no-Tachi sword didn’t make an appearance).  That’s understandable, since many of the elements we loved about an anime will only work through that medium.

Unfortunately, not only are live-action versions lesser than the anime originals, but most of them are objectively awful and dull.

This year, I was massively disappointed by the live-action Lupin III and the atrocious first part of the Attack on Titan live-action feature (I haven’t seen Part 2 yet, and I’m not that enthusiastic to do so).  Thankfully, the live-action Assassination Classroom movie isn’t like them.  It’s definitely one of the better live-action adaptations of anime ever made – a rare feat.  Yes, as to be expected, the live-action Assassination Classroom isn’t as good as the anime (which I extremely liked).  However, it’s genuinely enjoyable, and the aspects that have been weakly translated from anime to live-action aren’t too distracting to derail the movie.

The plot of the movie is basically parallel to the storyline of the anime’s season one (note: the movie is released midway the anime’s season one).  But, understandably, a lot of alteration and condensing had to be done in order to fit the plot in the movie’s run time.  Still, the script succeeds in making a solid, smooth, and satisfying adaptation of the original narrative – which means the pacing, themes, humor, drama, and major character developments of the story are executed so well.

Though they’re not as exciting and appealing as the anime’s, the movie’s visuals, action, and production elements are actually quite good.  I was pleasantly surprised that the CG actually looked great.  The camera work and sets are fine-looking to watch.

If you love Assassination Classroom – like I do – you will be delighted by this movie.  It’s not flawless, but it did a lot of things right in being an adequate and pleasing live-action adaptation of an anime property.

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