Monday, December 21, 2015

'Sicario' Tells a Fascinating Tale About the War on Drugs

Sicario is an action thriller about by-the-book FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) who is recruited by the mysterious government agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) to join a covert task force, spearheaded by the grim and shady Alejandro (Benicio del Toro), that conducts questionable clandestine operations in the US-Mexico border for the sake of the escalating war on the drugs.  As Macer struggles with the ethics of the team’s methods, Alejandro and Graver are set on bringing down the brutal leader of a notorious Mexican drug cartel no matter what it takes.

Powered by the excellent performances of its cast – notably Blunt, del Toro, and Brolin – Sicario tells an immensely gripping and thought-provoking story. And the movie’s outstanding technical aspects – splendid cinematography, superb editing, and compelling direction – further enhance the draw of this movie.  It has no dull moments.  I was completely transfixed on it right from the opening till closing.

Sicario is an all-around fascinating movie.  It’s weighty and bracing in substance, and competent and engaging in form.  Now, I won’t be going more in depth than what I’ve written already, but let me assure you that Sicario is easily one of the best films of 2015.

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