Saturday, January 09, 2016

2015. In Pictures.

This is my recap of 2015: a set of images, in no particular order, summarizing the notable stuff of this year...
"Back to the Future Day" came and went...
...but we still don't have commercial hoverboards around.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens stood atop the movies of 2015.
Star Wars comics returned to Marvel.  And it's one of the best comics of 2015.
Golden State Warriors dominated the NBA in 2015... and are on their way of doing so again in 2016.
An awesome trailer for Pokemon Go was released, but there's no way the actual product is going to be like that.
Bugs Bunny turned 75 years old.
I officially got into Koreanovelas.
"Tanim bala" scam in NAIA.
Mamasapano clash.  SAF 44.
Rohingya refugee crisis.
Earthquakes ravaged Nepal and Pakistan.
SCOTUS affirmed legality of same-sex marriage.  White House celebrated.
A Russian plane was bombed/shot down over Egypt, killing the 224 people on board.
Suffering from depression, the pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings Flight 9525 at the French Alps.
Another year of heinous acts from ISIS. including beheading 21 Egyptian Christians, which they recorded and shared.  
Syrian refugee crisis.  Exemplified by the photo of a drowned boy washed ashore.
Paris was attacked by Islamic terrorists - twice!  This artwork by Jean Jullien became popular in the aftermath. 
A reporter and her cameraman were shot dead live on TV by a disgruntled former employee of the network.
Liberal America was outraged by the killing of Cecil the Lion, but not by the abominable practices of Planned Parenthood.
Mexico was mostly spared from Hurricane Patricia.
Water was discovered in Mars.
New Horizon's mission to Pluto was a success.
NASA took the largest HD photo ever taken: a 1.5 billion pixel, 4.3 GB photo of the Andromeda Galaxy. 
100 years, a movie that will only be released after 100 years, was made.  John Malkovich stars.
Marvel and Sony agreed on a deal to bring Spidey into the MCU!
The epic Spider-Verse concluded.
Convergence revived DC's multiverse. 
The Fantastic Four comic ended.  The team disbanded.
(Plausibly Marvel's response knowing that Fox's latest movie would suck a lot.)
(Sigh) Instead of creating a new character to serve whatever purpose, Iceman is retconned as gay instead.
Archie and friends had a fantastic reboot.
Amadeus Cho became the new Hulk.
Clark Kent's identity as Superman was outed to the world by Lois Lane.  He was also depowered to become a weaker analogue of Luke Cage.
Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne lost his memory, and Jim Gordon in a power suit became the new Batman.
Batman sat on Metron's chair to become BATGOD! 
The Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe clashed.  Both got destroyed.  Secret Wars ensued.  And a new Marvel Universe was made in the aftermath.
Seven factions - a total of around 5,640 men - pledged their loyalty to Straw Hat Luffy, forming the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
One of my most favorite comic strips returned as a web comic.
A 12-year-old Taiwanese boy accidentally punched a hole through a $1.5 million painting.
A hidden painting was supposedly found behind the Mona Lisa.
Adelle's "Hello" Youtube video was viewed a million times within an hour.
Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" made everyone forget John Legend's "All of Me."

Goodbye, Internet Explorer.  Hello, Edge.
Dubsmash fad.
I'm not a fan, but these two revolutionized the typical "love-team" formula and broke Twitter records.
Holly Holmes knocked the favored Ronda Rosey out.
By exploiting the flaw of the sport, Mayweather beat Pacquiao.
On the other hand, Nonito Donaire became a champion again.
LA Lakers still sucked.  Hopefully, they will soon be getting... stronger.  Hehe. Get it?
Jordan Clarkson is still the Lakers' best young player.  Lakers gambled their 2015 second pick on D'Angelo Russell.  Kobe Bryant announced his retirement.
This difficult high school Math problem from Singapore made rounds in the Internet.
White and gold vs. blue and black.  It's obviously the latter.
In an impressive video, Lars Andersen claimed that he rediscovered how archery was actually done in the past.
Candy Crush is bought for $5.9 billion!
RIP, BB King.
RIP, Dusty "The American Dream" Rhodes (father of Goldust and Stardust).
RIP, Moses Malone.
RIP, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.
RIP, Terry Pratchett.
RIP, Sir Christopher Lee.
RIP, Spock, Leonard Nimoy.
RIP, Miming *sniff*
A kind of frog that looks like Kermit was discovered.
Host Steve Harvey messed up with the announcement, but Miss Philippines Pia "confidently-beautiful-with-a-heart" Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe pageant.
A lost Sherlock Holmes story was found.
I started following these guys' Youtube channels: Screen Junkies, Chris Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns, and Black Nerd Comedy. 
Best show on TV.
Marvel kicked off its Netflix TV production with Daredevil and Jessica Jones.
Supergirl arrives on TV.  I did not like the pilot, but I'm starting to warm on it, and I love Melissa Benoist's look and charm as Supergirl.
Sting in the WWE.  First time ever.
Two decades passed since Toy Story revolutionized the art of the animated feature.
Bought my first (non-comic) Filipino book for my library/collection.
Learned that 'shopped Trypophobic images bother me.  A lot!  Don't ever Google it.
Went to Quitinday Hills for the first time.
Won the Joy Church Bible Quiz championship for the third straight year. 
2015 had been a tough year for me.  But that's okay.  Oftentimes, a pizza meal is enough to cheer me up and be reminded that God is good, and I'm in His hands.

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