Saturday, April 16, 2016

'Dirty Grandpa' Is a Relentless Barrage of Horrible Jokes

It’s baffling how Robert De Niro can have a classy role in a feel-good comedy (i.e. The Intern), and then, in the following year, have a debauched role in a crude comedy.  That’s a testament to his range.  Unfortunately, Dirty Grandpa is a waste of his talent.

Dirty Grandpa is about a recent widower named Dick (De Niro) who tricks his uptight grandson Jason (Zac Efron), who is a week away from getting married to his over-controlling fiancé, to drive him to Daytona Beach, to mingle with college students on spring break.  A wild and crazy grandpa-grandson bonding time ensues.

This movie is packed with crude humor.  And it’s horrible.  It’s not that there are no good jokes – there are some funny moments and lines – but many of the jokes are stupidly offensive or just plain gross.  The humor has produced more discomfort than laughter.

There’s an attempt to have a familiar but heartfelt message in its plot.  However, it was lost in a clutter of comedy clichés, torturous storytelling, and a pounding barrage of vulgarity.

Dirty Grandpa is easily the worst movie I’ve watched this year so far.  Any laughs or entertainment to be had are just not worth watching this movie through.

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