Saturday, May 28, 2016

'Kill Command' Is an Entertaining Sci-Fi Action Thriller

Set in the near future where, Kill Command is a sci-fi action thriller about a squad of marines led by Captain Bukes (Thure Lindhardt) who are transported to an off-the-grid site to participate in what seems to be a standard training exercise.  There, they are pitted against combat robots manufactured by Harbinger Robotics while an employee named Mills (Vanessa Kirby), a cybernetically-enhanced human being, accompanies them as an observer.  But things take a horrible turn when the robots suddenly begin retaliating lethally.  As the shocked marines fight for survival against an army of deadly high-tech robots, Mills is questioned whose side is she really on.

I was actually impressed by this movie.  The story is a simple and familiar one, but it flows in such a cohesive, well-executed manner that its clich├ęd tropes didn’t bug me at all; there are legitimate thrills to be had.  The direction and acting are solid.  The visuals and cinematography, though not completely spectacular, look very good.  For such a limited budget, Kill Command turned out being a fine movie.

Of course, Kill Command has flaws.  But it’s a very watchable, sufficiently entertaining movie nonetheless.  And besides, considering its low budget, limitations are to be expected in the first place.  It can even be said that this movie has “overachieved” based on small-production standards.  In fact, it’s much more coherent and enjoyable than some bloated big-budget Hollywood productions.

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