Thursday, May 19, 2016

‘Zootopia’ Is a Wonderful, Thought-Provoking Fable

Zootopia is a fable set in a world where mammals have evolved into an anthropomorphic society in which predators and prey live harmoniously together.  The city where this state is fully realized is Zootopia – a play on the words “zoo” and “utopia” (as if it wasn’t obvious already).

The plot centers on idealistic rookie bunny cop Judy Hopps (Ginnefer Goodwin) as she takes on a missing person case to prove her worth in the force.  Given only 48 hours to solve the case, Judy recruits a sly, hustling fox named Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) to help her.  But as they go deeper into their investigation, the unlikely partners would learn that the case is more complicated than they’ve thought, as they discover harbored secrets that can tear Zootopia apart.

Being a Disney animated film production, I was expecting that this movie is going to be great – and it is!  It’s tremendously fun and cleverly written.  It’s packed with hilarious and witty gags that it had me in stitches for long stretches.  The narrative is as vibrant and endearing as its animation.  Most importantly, its thoughtful messages about persevering for one’s dreams, overcoming prejudiced stereotyping, and celebrating diversity hit home.

Zootopia is a wonderful film for all the family to enjoy, as it effortlessly appeals, in different levels, to audiences of all ages.  It’s a sure-fire classic.
Zootopia has one of the funniest movie scenes ever.

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