Saturday, June 25, 2016

'Lego DC Superheroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout' Gives an Amusing Shared Backstory to Batman and Deathstroke

After Cosmic Clash, the other Lego DC Superheroes: Justice League movie for this year is Gotham City Breakout (I don’t know if there’s another one; it’s usually two movies a year).  The plot is about Batman being convinced to go in a vacation with Nightwing and Batgirl, while Superman looks after Gotham City in his absence.  However, Batman’s vacation doesn’t go as expected as they find themselves dealing with Deathstroke and his unlikely allies.  Meanwhile, Superman’s stint in Gotham also doesn’t go as easily as he thought it would be.  Batman’s villains break out from Arkham and overrun the city.  Superman underestimates them due to their lack of powers, but they turn out being too weird for the Justice League to handle.  It’s now up to Robin to teach the heroes how to handle the villains the Batman way.

I think I had fun with Cosmic Clash more.  It’s just quite hard to top the Justice League jets that assemble into a mecha a la Power Rangers.  But Gotham City Breakout is nevertheless endearing, funny, and well-animated.

It has a lot of amusingly absurd situations and dialogue.  I particularly enjoyed a lot how Batman would spoil surprises and reveals with his superior deductive skills.  I also like how the movie retcons Batman and Deathstroke’s past by making them classmates that had trained under the same master.  And the supposed origin of Deathstroke’s name had me guffawing.

If I need to say more about the movie’s quality, I would be simply repeating what I’ve already said with the previous Lego DC Superheroes: Justice League movies.  Basically, they are uniformly entertaining, wholesome, and lovable.  To end, let this GIF speak of how delightful the movie is…

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