Wednesday, August 31, 2016

'Blood Father' Shows that Mel Gibson Still Has the Charisma and Talent

Blood Father tells the story of an ex-con named John Link (Mel Gibson) who reunites with her estranged daughter, Lydia (Erin Moriarty), when the latter seeks the former’s help after getting herself in trouble with her drug-dealing boyfriend Jonah (Diego Luna) and his gang.  On the run from the police and the drug cartel, John will fight tooth and nail to protect Lydia.

Mel Gibson shines in this movie, delivering a charismatic performance that reminds the audience how great he used to be – still is.  He has always been known to do action, drama, and comedy incredibly well – easily among the best of his peers.  And all these facets of his are shown in this movie.

The “father-willing-to-do-everything-for-his-kid” story is something that has been told multiple times in already.  But what could have been seen to be seemingly formulaic and predictable about the movie’s plot is overcome by the gripping performances (especially by Gibson), sufficiently intense action sequences, and effective sentimental beats.

Blood Father is a well-made action thriller, with some feels to be had, and a much welcome showcase of Gibson’s talent (would love to see a major comeback in his part).

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