Tuesday, November 08, 2016

An Awesome News Greeted Me in Facebook This Morning

So when I logged on to Facebook this morning…



Really full of emotion right now.  I haven’t been this delightfully shocked since the time it was announced that Spidey was finally joining the MCU.

I friggin’ love Young Justice, which was cancelled back in 2013 after only two seasons.  It was so frustrating and heartbreaking to see such fantastic, smart, well-written show go out like that – leaving an unfinished story and wasting a rich, fascinating, potential-brimming universe.  I was desperately longing for closure, and I even would have settled for a comic book continuation to get it.

But having an actual season 3 – reviving the show – is an awesome, awesome surprise.  The world seems to have been made a little bit better by it.

Thank you so much, Warner Bros.  Can’t wait!!!
"The Team" is coming back!

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