Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The First 'Jetsons' Production in Nearly Three Decades Is a Crossover with the WWE Titled 'The Jetsons & WWE – RoboWrestlemania!'

Some WWE fans are probably not too thrilled with this recent trend of ludicrous direct-to-video WWE crossover films with animated properties.  Personally, I choose to not go hatin’, but just proceed to have fun with whatever insanity and amusement they have to offer.  (Besides, don’t wrestlers have the personalities of cartoon characters anyway?)  Thus, I’ve begun to look forward to these animated movies with nearly the same fond anticipation I have for Lego’s delightful, underrated direct-to-video animated film ventures (usually, featuring the Justice League, but there was also a Scooby-Doo! one last year; coincidentally, WWE also had Scooby-Doo! crossover film last year).

So what’s up with WWE’s latest production?  A crossover with one of the most iconic families in fiction – the Jetsons!
Titled The Jetsons & WWE – RoboWrestlemania!, the movie starts off with Big Show, out of impatience for a title match, choosing to travel through a snowstorm, in which he gets frozen.  Preserved and suspended in ice for many years, he is finally thawed in the future, where the Jetsons live.  At first, he is distressed, but he soon becomes bitter and livid.  He goes on a rampage, and conquers the city with the help of wrestling robots.  To stop him, the Jetsons have to travel back in time and enlist the help of Mr. McMahon, Sheamus, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Alicia Fox, and the Usos.

As usual, like the others before it, this movie is all about delivering undemanding, children-appealing entertainment, with some occasional creative jokes or references that may please older audiences.  Understandably, this movie is not remarkably clever.  But it isn’t as dumb as I expected either.  It surprisingly contains a moderately thoughtful commentary about The Jetsons’ futuristic, utopian society.  In turn, every development in this movie generally makes sense in relation to this universe’s established logic.  In fact, I was kind of blown away a bit.
It has no notably laugh out loud moments.  But it mixes familiar Jetsons gags with WWE-celebrating antics and imagery to enjoyably silly results.  There’s also this seeming attempt to “reward” those who have watched WWE’s previous crossover animated movies when Mr. McMahon mentions that Astro isn’t the first talking dog he has met – clearly, a reference to Scooby Doo.

Lastly, I find the WWE Superstars being drawn in Jetsons/Flintstones-style animation appealing.  It’s actually more adorable than turning them into penguins.  Seeing them like that somewhat made me wish an animated series is made where everyone in the WWE roster is drawn in such manner.
The obvious reason why this movie exists is to promote the upcoming WrestleMania. But even if that’s the case, WWE definitely did it in a worthwhile function. The mere fact that this is the first new Jetsons cartoon in 27 years already gives this movie a certain “must-watch” legitimacy. But by also succeeding in making a fun and likable production out of the whole concept, WWE earns itself a good win.

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