Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Monster in 'Monster Trucks' Is Kinda Adorable

Monster Trucks is about a small town teenage boy named Tripp (Lucas Till) who has a part time job at a local junkyard, and builds a monster truck from scraps in his spare time.   Meanwhile, a bizarre, subterranean creature is displaced from his home and separated from his family due to an oil-drilling activity nearby.  He takes refuge in the junkyard, where he’s inevitably found and subsequently befriended by Tripp.  After discovering the creature’s appetite for oil and fondness for trucks, Tripp names him “Creech” and modifies his truck to let Creech be its makeshift engine and have control of the vehicle – basically turning the truck into an outer shell for the friendly monster.  And, thus, begins their adventure, bonding through their common need for speed, as they take on an evil corporation that threatens Creech’s kind.

Monster Trucks is exactly the kind of movie you would expect from a movie titled “Monster Trucks.”  It’s extremely silly and stupid.  Yet, it’s not exactly horrible.  It’s watchable.  It’s the kind of movie that a nine-year-old who randomly caught it while cable browsing will likely have fun with.

It’s an undemanding, negligible, averagely-entertaining, watch-if-there’s-nothing-else-better-to-watch movie.  It’s not remarkably bad, not remarkably good.  Just unremarkably acceptable all in all.  And that’s all that can really be said about this movie.

Oh, also, Creech is kinda adorable.

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