Tuesday, May 23, 2017

'Kill Switch' Has Some Decent Sci-Fi Action Thrills

The dazzling, talented Dan Stevens.  Parallel universes.  Unlimited clean energy.   Boats and trains randomly dropping from the sky.  First-person shooter view (a la Hardcore Henry).  High-tech killer drones.   Saving the world.  If all those phrases sound good to you, then you might enjoy the science indie film Kill Switch (also known as Redivider).

I won’t be revealing much what this movie is about.  It’s not necessarily a mindblowingly awesome science fiction movie.  But for those who want to give it a chance, knowing as little as possible going in should enhance the experience.
Kill Switch has a cool sci-fi plot, and the storytelling takes an unconventional, interesting approach.  It moves back and forth between events before and during the mission of Dan Steven’s character, with the former unfolding through the usual, audience-view camera shots and the latter through the character’s eyes.  It’s not as visceral and badass as Hardcore Henry, but it has a decent amount of action-packed sequences delivered through this style.  In addition, the production value and effects don’t look bad at all.

However, though there are some thrills, it’s not as totally satisfying as I wanted it to be.  It wasn’t able to provide the appropriate rewards for its story ambitions.  But, again, if those phrases enumerated in the first paragraph, along with the featured GIF, manage to intrigue you, then Kill Switch is worth checking out.

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