Friday, June 16, 2017

Holy Mackerel, the Ludicrous Mayweather-McGregor Fight Is Actually Happening!

For a long time, semi-retired boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. and MMA star Connor “The Notorious” McGregor have engaged in upping each other’s arrogance and jawing – each claiming that the he could easily beat up the other.  As early as last year, there has been buzz that a crossover fight was under negotiations.  But I really thought that such a match wouldn’t come into fruition because, seriously, the idea is simply ridiculous.  Thus, I’m genuinely stunned that it actually pushed through, scheduled on August 26 at Las Vegas.  I guess nothing is too dumb and absurd when huge piles of money are involved.

It’s going to be a boxing match.  Hence, Mayweather is, of course, the clear favorite.  If this is a straight-up fight – Floyd doing his thing; Connor doing his thing – Connor could win.  He’s a legit brawler.  On the other hand, Floyd – with his annoying running strategy – has never truly been a “fighter” in the ring, but still won his fights anyway since he has the savvy to exploit the sport.  Just as what he did to triumph over Pacquiao and many others, Mayweather doesn’t need to outfight McGreggor, he just needs to “outbox” him.

Sure, Mayweather is significantly older (he’s 40 years old; Connor is only 28), and McGregor is a bit taller and has a two-inch reach advantage.  In addition, Mayweather hasn’t had a match in two years.  However, though he’s no longer in his prime, it’s not like he has already descended into mediocrity.  He’s an all-time boxing great.  Whatever disadvantages he has in terms of age and reach, the skills and acumen he had honed from years of training and experience are more than enough to make these perceived disadvantages irrelevant in a boxing match.
The likeliest outcome is Mayweather winning in convincing fashion.  McGregor may have vanquished his share of MMA foes that have boxing knowhow, but he has never fought anyone who is a pure professional boxer, let alone someone close to Mayweather’s level.  In the end, McGregor will be out his depth, Mayweather running circles around him.  The one-sidedness of the match will possibly make it thoroughly boring.

But – ludicrous this fight may be on paper, and dull it may turn out being – the fact that it’s an official boxing match instead of exclusively being another “fighting Big Show in WrestleMania” gimmick also adds a layer of appeal.  This means that when Mayweather wins, his record will improve to 50-0.  BUT this also means that if he loses, gone is his perfect record!

In this sense, McGregor really has nothing to lose.  He’s expected to be beaten anyway.  However, what if he delivers a surprising performance and actually managed to destroy Mayweather?
Something as kickass as this.
The bragging rights it would bring him would be priceless.  The potential for such upset of epic proportions brings excitement to the match.  (Also, win or lose, he gets a hefty payday.)

Thus, I’m rooting for McGregor.  I’ve always liked him in the first place.  He constantly gets arrogant and loud, but in a charismatic way (as if he’s a WWE superstar).  On the other hand, I’ve always found Mayweather obnoxious and have never ever rooted for him.  I will find it utterly hilarious if his record gets blemished by an unlikely, underdog opponent like McGregor.

49-1 has a nice ring to it.

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