Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How Is My 2017 TV Watching So Far

Once again, for the 4th straight time, I made a mid-year list of what TV shows I’ve watched and been watching so far, arranged from best to worst, per my personal taste…

Rick and Morty
Technically, the season 3 premier has been the only Rick and Morty episode out this year.  But since it was only this year that I got to watch this series, I will be considering the weight of its entirety (which includes seasons one and two).  Hence, it’s the best TV I’ve watched this year so far.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Doctor Who Season 10
Excited to know who would be the next Doctor.  But for now, I’m relishing Peter Capaldi’s final season.  The first six episodes are among the best Twelfth Doctor episodes ever.  It started getting a bit hackneyed by episode seven though.

Sherlock Season 4
Another awesome season, as usual.  However, if “The Final Problem” will indeed serve as series finale, then I’m also slightly disappointed.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Riverdale Season 1
CLICK HERE, HERE, and HERE for more of my thoughts on this addicting, insane drama series re-imagination of Archie and friends.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo
I extremely love this K-drama.  Swag!  CLICK HERE and HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

13 Reasons Why Season 1
A gripping, thoughtful, intense teen drama with a unique plot device.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

KonoSuba Season 2
Remains to be a relentlessly hilarious fantasy adventure, as its first season.  For that, it’s easily my most favorite anime series of the year so far.

My Hero Academia Season 2
The entire season is basically made up of a tournament arc, which is pretty standard with shonen anime.  But My Hero Academia executes the trope perfectly, by further fleshing out its rich roster of characters, featuring exciting fight scenes, and sustaining an overall sense of fun and stakes all throughout the narrative.

Attack on Titan Season 2
After years and years of waiting and postponement, the second season of the brilliant anime Attack on Titan has finally arrived this year.  Unfortunately, it only had 12 episodes, and it didn’t cover as much story and action as I would have preferred.  Fortunately, we won’t have to wait for years and years again for the next installment since season 3 is scheduled for 2018.

American Gods Season 1
For me, American Gods by Neil Gaiman is one of the best fantasy novels ever written.  And this TV series adaptation has impressed me much, not only because of how it beautifully translated the story to the big screen, but also because it actually managed to improve a couple of its parts.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Orphan Black Season 5
As I write this, the final season of this excellent series about a group of clones – whom are all played brilliantly and distinctively by Tatiana Maslany – is still at its first episodes.  So far, it doesn’t engage me as much as before.  But, again, it’s still early.

Planet Earth II
One of the most beautiful nature documentaries I’ve ever seen.  CLICK HERE for my favorite moments from its six fascinating episodes.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2
This recently finished TV season, Legends of Tomorrow was my most favorite among all DCW shows.  It really improved itself from its mediocre first season as it focused on being consistently fun with each episode, even if that meant things getting goofy and insane.  Season 2 featured awesome stuff like Sarah Lance becoming the leader of the team and the captain of the Waverider, Rip Hunter being a magnificently despicable brain-washed villain, zombie Confederates, Prof. Stein singing “Edelweiss” in a bar filled with Nazis, the Legends inspiring George Lucas to make Star Wars, J.R.R. Tolkien in World War I, Arthurian legend, the Justice Society of America, the Legion of Doom (made up of the DCW Universe’s best and already established villains), Ray’s Atom suit being worn as a samurai armor, and more.  In addition, new cast member Maisie Richardson-Sellers is gorgeously hot.

Justice League Action Season 1
Justice League Action continues in 2017 to deliver the same quality of delightful, kid-friendly superhero adventures that made it one of the best shows I watched last year.

iZombie Season 3
It’s getting a tad convoluted this season, but it’s still tremendously entertaining.  Especially when it just involves Liv eating the victim’s brain, absorbing his or her personality, and solving the case-of-the-week.  Plus, Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars) is around this season!

Samurai Jack Season 5
It’s as gorgeous, kickass, and fun as its initial four-season run.  But, honestly, I find this finale series underwhelming (plus, I’m salty that Jack and Ashi didn’t get a happily-ever-after together).  I prefer the comics’ resolution to the Samurai Jack story, which season 5 has made non-canon.

Legion Season 1
Watching it requires a bit of effort, but it really pays off.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4
Season 3 almost made me give up on this show, but season 4 turned out being one of its best seasons.  Ghost Rider and Framework – the intricate virtual reality of a Hydra-ruled world – are the two highest points of season 4.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1
It delights by ironically thriving in misery. CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Dimension 404
A terrific “poor man’s Black Mirror.”  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

All Out! Season 1
As far as I’m concerned, though the slow pacing bugs a bit, it’s a solid debut season for a new must-watch sports anime.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Last Man Standing
I WANT A SEASON 7!!!   CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Voltron: Legendary Defender
A fresh, enthralling reboot of a classic cartoon.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

The Expanse Season 2
Probably the most underrated science fiction show right now.  Season 2 actually upped the ante, but I think I was more engrossed to this show during season 1.

Queen of Mystery
What if Sherlock Holmes is a Korean housewife?  Yup, that was its selling point for me.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

The Flash Season 3
It’s now so far down from the delightful quality of its first and second season – when it was my favorite show on TV.  It has succumbed to too much angst.  But it still has a couple of great episodes – on the top of which is the Supergirl-crossover “Duet”, one of the best things that have ever happened on TV.  The main storyline though – revolving around Savitar – isn’t very interesting.  Hopefully, this show gets back to basics with its tone and characterization next season.

Arrow Season 5
Overall, season 5 is an improvement from season 4.  However, like The Flash, it has a couple of great episodes but its main storyline isn’t very interesting.  In addition, this bugs me a lot: what the heck happened to Vigilante?!  He just disappeared somewhere in the middle of the season – the character and the mystery surrounding him simply tossed aside without any closure.

Iron Fist Season 1
Disappointing but not as terrible as critics suggest.  Not devoid of entertainment at all.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Anonymous Noise Season 1
I find the premise intriguing, but it’s taking some time for me to warm up to it.  But there’s a good chance I will eventually like it as a whole.  Will review this once the season ends.

Re:Creators Season 1
Same case with Anonymous Noise – I find its premise intriguing (anime characters mysteriously popping out in the real world) but enjoying it comes slowly.  Will also review this once the season ends.

Legend of the Blue Sea
Sweet and hilarious enough to overcome its flaws.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Scum’s Wish
Not bad.  As a romance anime, it’s, er, unique.  But I didn’t really like it much.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10
I’m only still watching this because each episode is short and easy to watch.

Tangled: Before Ever After
Surprisingly good, actually, but not exactly my kind of thing.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas & Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin
Okay, but also not my kind of thing.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

Supergirl Season 2
If this series doesn’t pick up in season 3, I might begin hating it.  Which is a shame, really, since I really love Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, and Jeremy Jordan is a showbiz treasure.  I like that Superman has been given a real presence by casting Tyler Hoechlin, instead of just being a quick, synecdochic, or long-distance cameo as he had been in season 1.  But the show took a huge dive in charm when Calista Flockheart’s sassy Cat Grant stopped being a regular.  Season 2 has a few good parts, lots of mediocre parts, and a few but conspicuous terrible parts.   I still find this series tolerable... for now.

The Blacklist Season 4
By having The Blackilist at this point of this list, it doesn’t necessarily mean I like it less than Supergirl.  Actually, I’ve yet to watch the latest season.  I’ve just been watching so many TV shows that I don’t have the time to watch it.  However, I don’t want to officially declare that I’m dropping this show.  I might get around watching it.  I still like to.  However, there’s also a good chance I might not.

12 Monkeys Season 3
 Same case with The Blacklist.

Designated Survivor Season 1
I got to watch the first half.  It’s quite promising.  But I’m also not sure if I’ll get the time to continue watching the rest of the season.

Son of Zorn Season 1
Was drawn to the unique premise and style of this sitcom – a combination of animated and live-action.  I watched a few episodes, but eventually dropped it.  It was not worth adding to my stacked TV viewing lineup.

Powerless Season 1
It’s set in a universe occupied with DC superheroes, and it stars Alan Tudyk, so I gave this sitcom a shot.  I watched the pilot, but I never watched another episode afterwards.  I found it unfunny, and I hated the characters.

Man with a Plan Season 1
Also gave this sitcom a chance because of Matt LeBlanc – Joey of Friends.  Was bored.

Sleepy Hollow Season 4
Utter garbage.  Thankfully, it has been put out of its misery.  CLICK HERE for more of my thoughts on it.

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