Wednesday, August 09, 2017

'Fairy Tail' Concludes with a Happily Ever After

Recently, Fairy Tail has wrapped up its run, accomplishing 545 chapters in 11 years.  Ever since I’ve been made aware of this manga, I’ve followed it closely.  In fact, I’ve read all of its chapters.  So you can say that I’m a fan.  However, I won’t necessarily be missing it.

During the last few arcs, it felt like it had already passed its prime.  It entertained, but it didn’t elicit the excitement that it used to do.  The storytelling got a bit convoluted and tedious.  Thankfully, it never got to Bleach level of awfulness.  Still, let’s say that Fairy Tail didn’t quite end in a high note.

But, by that, I don’t also mean that it ended badly.  No, it didn’t overstay too much that it got unforgivably tiresome and exasperating.  Rather, it ended a little while after its tank went empty and was just moving with its last bit of residue momentum.  It ended just as it has been apparent that it had nothing else left to offer.
For most of its run, Fairy Tail was enjoyable.  And the biggest reason it was so is because it had an ensemble of delightful quirky characters.  Yes, it also had kickass action and very strong storylines, but their appeal was enhanced because the participating characters are easily worth being invested on.

I became quite fond of many of them.  Natsu and Gray are my most favorite flame-powered and ice-powered fictional characters, respectively.  Laxus is within the top ten of my most favorite electricity-powered fictional characters.  Erza is one of my most favorite fictional swordsmen.  Makarov places high on my picks for favorite size-changers.  I consider Gajeel as one of the former villains that have transitioned awesomely into heroes.  And, as a guild, Fairy Tail is one of my favorite fictional organizations, while also collectively topping my list for favorite magicians in fiction.

Hence, I’m glad that the manga gave a “happily ever after” ending to these characters I’ve loved.  Nobody died.  The obvious pairs were developing or had developed into couples.  Everybody is happy.  Sure, the execution for it was pretty basic, cheesy, and lacking of depth and dramatic impact.  It could have done better.  But it’s still a feel-good conclusion.  I’ll take it.

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