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Top 20 Memorable TV Moments of 2017

Since the movies got twenty, TV will also get twenty.

In Kakegurui episode 11, in the gambling showdown between Jabami and the student council treasurer Manyuda, the latter refuses to acknowledge the authority of the dealer of the game, who is the masked student council vice-president, regarding the extraordinary stipulation of the final round.  Manyuda insists that only the president, who has gone away for a meeting, has the power to do that.  Then, the vice-president – who dons a mask all throughout the series – removes her mask, revealing her face for the first time.  To the shock of everyone present, it’s the president all along!  Apparently, the president and the vice-president are twins, and I presume that they are living their lives in the same manner as Christian Bale’s character(s) in The Prestige.

My most favorite thing about Star Trek: Discovery, aside from the beloved Doug Jones?  Whenever the USS Discovery makes jumps with the spore drive.  I’ve enjoyed the spinning animation and sound effect for it – especially during the first time it happened.

After a side-splitting case of mistaken identity, the comedy is further heightened when Nam Hong-ju sassily picks up a scarf while Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl” plays in the background.  Suzy Bae is a major reason why While You Were Sleeping is so good to watch.

The latest Saiyuki anime series had a handful of key moments, but the one that struck me the most was the time Genjo Sanzo met Sharak Ganzo, and they promptly pointed their guns at each other.  It was hilarious, but at the same time, badass.  It was simply a reflection of their “alpha” personalities, and served as a quick way for them to gauge and introduce each other.

In the finale of the latest season of Black Mirror, Easter eggs suggest that many of the episodes could have happened in the same world!  This would have been higher in the list if it had been more definitive with its execution.

“Missing the Mark”, the 14th short (not episode) of Justice League Action, sees actor Mark Hamill being kidnapped by the Joker and the Trickster.  Later, Swamp Thing makes an appearance as well.  If you are familiar with Hamill’s work, your mind would have been immediately blown by the cleverness and absurdity of the setup.

Welcome to the Ballroom doesn’t take the quick, predictable route.  And just because Tatara is the main character, victories aren’t guaranteed at all.  Thus, in the final episode, there was a real likelihood that Tatara and Chinatsu wouldn’t win, so there was suspense as they wait for the results.  And when they did win, it was such a gratifying, joyful feeling.

The best part of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is when his friends surprise him with a rooftop video presentation which proclaims all the good he has done for them and the community.  Not only was it a tribute to Arnold, but it also served as a tribute to the show itself.  It’s a very touching and nostalgic scene.

The Titan brawl between Eren and Reiner – after Reiner and Bertholdt are exposed as the Armored and Colossal Titan, respectively – is one of the most badass, brutal fights in Attack on Titan.  I enjoyed how Eren initially fought with his usual rage, but when it proved to be ineffective, he realized he needed to fight more smartly, and began performing the close-combat moves he learned from Annie.

The church scene in Castlevania is both bone-chilling and satisfying.  The Bishop, thinking he’s safe in the church, is stunned when Blue Fang and other demons walk into what he has supposed as holy ground.  However, Blue Fang mocks him for believing that God would save him when he has been a hypocrite all along – doing despicable things in the name of God, when actually, he’s doing them for his own personal gain and due to his lust for power.  With horror in his face, he meets his terrible but much-deserved end.

I genuinely think everything about Rick and Morty season 3 is memorable.  But to avoid doing a cop out entry, I just chose for this spot what’s the most messed up moment for me.  And that would be the “Froopyland stage play” in episode 9, “The ABC’s of Beth.”  At that point, we already had an idea on how Froopyland is turned into a horrorland of bestiality, incest, and cannibalism at the hands of Tommy.  We didn’t need it to be further discussed anymore.  Seeing it re-enacted as an elementary school play by Tommy’s abominable offspring is simply more nightmare fuel.

The hilarious scene in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo where Bok-joo and Joon-hyung’s secret relationship is revealed to their friends.  I broke it down HERE.

This unsettling monologue from Euron in Sherlock: “The Final Problem”:
“I loved it when you [Sherlock] laughed.  Once, I made you laugh all night, I thought you were going to burst.  I was so happy.  Then Mummy and Daddy had to stop me, of course… Well, turns out I'd got it wrong.  Apparently, you were screaming.”  
It perfectly sums up how much of a sociopath she is.

As usual, Game of Thrones is packed with notable moments.  But the most epic one is the Battle of the Goldroad a.k.a. the Loot Train Attack, the first land battle between Daenerys and the Lannisters.  With Daenerys riding Drogon, she ambushes the helpless Lannister-Tarly army from above, raining dragon fire on them.  Then, her charging Dothraki horde crashes through the broken Lannister-Tarly lines.  Jaime and Randyll do their best to marshal their men and hold their ground, but the outnumbered Lannister-Tarly army has no chance against Drogon and the fierce Dothrakis.

The jokes in The Orville don’t always hit.  But when they do, they’re brilliant.  Case in point: when Lt. Malloy challenges the robot Isaac to play a practical joke on him, the clueless alien AI obliges and, in a misguided attempt of humor, cuts off the prankster pilot’s leg while he’s sleeping.  When the fuming Malloy enters the bridge, the result is comedy gold.

The hallway fight scene in The Defenders is its equivalent of The Avengers’ “Battle of New York.”

Doing a Flash/Supergirl musical crossover is a logical development for the DCW, considering its musically talented cast.  And it turned out being a wonderful event as expected.  Everything about that episode is fantastic, but if the episode needs to be summarized, its essence is perfectly embodied in the “Super Friend” song-and-dance number.

When Jughead kisses Betty for the first time in Riverdale.  With all the departure from Archie Comics “canon” done by the show, the time that the romance between Jughead and Betty kicked off is probably the most shocking.  As a fan of the comics, becoming familiar of the subtle romantic tension between the two, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years, so I welcomed the development with delight.

As a Doctor Who fan, the regeneration scene in the Christmas special has been my most emotional one yet.  The Twelfth’s powerful monologue, leaving his final advice – both thoughtful and whimsical – to the Thirteenth; his “Doctor, I let you go” last words; his wedding ring falling off his successor’s fingers, for the Thirteenth is a woman; and the Doctor, realizing that she’s regenerated into a woman for the first time ever, saying “Oh, brilliant” in excitement... everything adds up to something that is quite special and resonating.

With a live-action Justice League happening in the big screen for the first time ever, the most exciting DC live-action event of 2017 somehow came from The CW, the four-part mega-crossover “Crisis in Earth-X.”

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