Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Top 10 Dunks in NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

Such an exciting spectacle is the Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA’s annual All-Star Weekend.  Every year, it challenges the league’s most phenomenal dunkers to showcase the most jaw-dropping, most creative, and most emphatic dunks they are able to muster.  More than just a display of athleticism, it’s also a display of art – human motion turned poetry.

Even at its most mediocre, it can still, at the very least, entertain.  And even though there have also been a couple of stinkers, its status as a must-watch annual event continues to persist.  But when the contest does live up to its prestigious reputation, it’s truly an exhilarating show.  Magical, incredible dunks become forever etched in our minds.

Among the most amazing and memorable, listed below are the top ten.  Per my opinion, of course.

By the way, before you react, although the opening image of this article is a young Kobe Bryant, when he won the 1997 contest, he’s not on this list (so calm down, haters).  Even if I allow my bias through, since he’s my most favorite NBA player, I still don’t have room for him here (maybe if it had been a top 20 list).  Besides, his best slams happened in-game anyway.

Anyway, here are my picks – without any accompanying commentaries, as they are unnecessary – in all their GIF glory…











The greatest dunker I’ve ever seen is Jordan Kilganon.  Seriously, Youtube him.  As far as showmanship dunking is concerned, he’s the GOAT.

Since he doesn’t play in the NBA, he can’t be selected to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest.  However, during the 2016 All-Star game, he executed his iconic “scorpion dunk” during an intermission (don’t know if it was half time or a time out), impressing and stunning the NBA All-Stars on the sidelines.

So Kilganon’s dunk (see below) may not be qualified to be in the list, but it deserves to be acknowledged here (plus, it has somewhat of a connection to the Slam Dunk Contest, as it was performed during the All-Star game).
If this had happened during the Slam Dunk Contest, it would have been #1!  Hands down!
Since the NBA has just changed the All-Star Game format, wouldn’t it be cool to try something new with the Slam Dunk Contest format as well?  Let a non-NBA player like Kilganon compete with the likes of LaVine, Gordon, and Nance, Jr next year.   How about it, eh, Adam Silver?  I dare you to do this.

This is actually the greatest dunk I’ve ever seen…
What a plot twist!

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