Thursday, March 22, 2018

One Reason Why 'The Ritual' Is a Must-See

The Ritual is a British horror film about a group of college friends who reunite six months after one of their own was killed during a convenience store robbery.  As a way of honoring his memory, they embark on a hiking trip through the Scandinavian wilderness.  However, after one wrong turn, they found themselves desperately lost while an ancient, sinister Nordic deity lingers in the shadows.

It’s not exactly tightly written and original.  There are holes and clich├ęs, and most of the attempts to create depth don’t work.   However, it’s nonetheless a well-crafted “lost in the woods”, Blair Witch Project-type horror film.  Though not great, it’s at least not boring.  It has decent tension-buildup, lush cinematography, eerie sound design, and fairly nuanced direction.

But what makes this movie truly notable is the incredible, uncanny, chimera-ish design of its monster:
That's the stuff of nightmares.
Yep, honestly worth watching The Ritual for.

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