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Top 10 Avengers I Want To See In the Next 'Avengers' Movies

I already expressed my thoughts in the past on what would be my fantasy scenario for Marvel Studios’ “Phase 2” and “Phase 3”, and mentioned already the characters I want to be featured.  However, it wasn’t explicit on the degree of preference I have for each character.  So, in this list, let me share the top 10 Avengers I want to be included in the next Avengers movies’ line-ups, in ascending order of how much I want to see them in the next movies.

Take note that when picking my ten, I didn’t put into consideration those heroes that are already likely to become part of the next Avengers movies.  US War Machine is back in Iron Man 3 (why is the character not included in the first Avengers movie when he’s already available?).  Falcon and Winter Soldier are in the next Captain America movie.  And, at this point, the Ant-Man movie (which would likely have the Wasp in it as well) is almost a sure thing to happen. The characters in my list are those that have a 0% to 50% chance of being included.  Some are being rumored to be, though there are still no clear commitments from Marvel Studios yet.  And some are almost impossible to be included, since the characters’ movie rights are owned by other studios like Columbia and Fox.  

There are already some rumors about plans of a Black Panther movie and there are already elements in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that points out that it’s going to happen (thus, he can become part of the next Avengers line-up).  However, until there’s a clear announcement from Marvel, I wouldn’t consider it a sure thing.  Still, because of these promising factors I’ve mentioned, there’s a very good chance Black Panther will indeed come through.  Thus, Black Panther is only number ten because of the likely possibility of being put on the big screen already. 

Black Panther is someone that has the same strategic genius, athletic combat skills, charisma, and overall badassery of Batman.  And who wouldn’t like a Batman-like character in the next Avengers movie?  It also helps that he’s a king of a country. 


Magneto’s children, Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, are tough to separate.  It’s hard to include one and ignore the other.  But that’s what I’m going to do here.  Yes, I want BOTH to be in the movies.  But there’s only one slot available for one of them in this top 10.  And if there’s also one slot left in the next Avengers movie’s roster and I get to choose between the two, my pick would be Quicksilver – the resident fast guy of the Avengers. 

In the first movie, we saw the Avengers finally finding their team chemistry despite being at odds with each other at the start.   What I like about Quicksilver being added to the next Avengers movie’s roster is to disrupt the team environment again with his hot-headed, arrogant personality that makes him at odds with almost everyone.  In short, since Robert Downey, Jr.’s jerkish Tony Stark is too likable, we need another jerk we’ll love, not because he’s charismatic like Stark, but because he can entertainingly antagonize teammates perfectly. 

Quicksilver joining the Avengers’ movie line-up is highly unlikely though since 20th Century Fox has the movie rights for Marvel’s mutant characters.


 Marvel Studio recently got the rights back for Daredevil, so it’s not impossible to see him in the roster of a future Avengers movie, though I’m not seeing it happening in Avengers 2.  I have no problem with Ben Afleck returning to the role at all.  He still actually looks young and fit for playing Matt Murdock.   


Carol Danvers (who has been more popularly known as Ms. Marvel but has recently decided to take the legacy of Captain Marvel by adopting it as her superhero codename) is one of the strongest and most popular female Avengers characters.  It seems that as Ms. Marvel, she was more popular than her male counterpart, Captain Marvel, that Marvel decided to give the “Captain Marvel” name to her instead.  She had been a popular mainstay in the Avengers for years and even had been a leader of an Avengers team.  Still, she is no “Wonder Woman” of the Marvel Universe.  There are several female characters more iconic than her despite her name being similar to the company name.  I have no problem, and in fact like the idea, if Marvel plans to make her the “Wonder Woman” of the Marvel Universe.  And what better way to increase her prominence than by making her shine in an Avengers movie?   

Also, I like it whenever she and Spider-Man team up.  Their chemistry is perfect.  I like them being a pseudo-couple.  However, I don’t like them to become an actual couple (#Pete&MJForever!), but the romantic tension between them is a lot of fun (the only good thing brought by the events of the hated “One More Day” storyline). 

Would love to see such sequences at the side in an Avengers movie (but very very unlikely to happen)

As one of the best “villain-to-hero” characters in my book, it would sure give me a lot of delight if he’ll be included in the next Avengers movie.  Red Hulk, unlike the Hulk, has a brilliant calculative mind. I already pointed out before that Red Hulk is a better Avenger asset than the Hulk (and he can even lead the team) because of having military experience and retaining his intelligence in Hulk form.  Thus, he is a dangerous combination of brains and brawns.  Moreover, he has heat emitting powers which increases with his rage, as well as the ability to absorb the powers of others. 

In my article on how I want Marvel Studios to proceed with the next Avengers movies, I want Red Hulk to be the villain in Incredible Hulk 2 and then redeem himself by joining the Avengers in Avengers 2.  Two Hulks fighting together side-by-side, Red Hulk being put into position to play point for the Avengers team, and the gritty Sam Elliot or William Hurt (both are OK, but the former is better) reprising his role as General Thunderbolt Ross – wouldn’t it be awesome to see these things in the big screen?


In a lineup consisting of superheroes that mostly got their abilities from science, it would be fun to have another hero that has powers from magical origins aside from Thor.   And what other choice of such character is more perfect than the Sorcerer Supreme himself?  With the powerful and supernatural Dr. Strange in the roster, the Avengers’ might becomes more diverse and increases significantly.  

In the movies I’ve mentioned in the past that I want to be made for Phase 3, Heroes for Hire is one of the most necessary catalysts for another Avengers movie.  The Heroes for Hire line-up can consist of Luke Cage, Iron Fist (preferably played by Jason Statham), Shang-Chi, and Moon Knight (a badass Batman-like character, but literary crazier) who can be used for the final two Avengers movies (New Avengers and Secret Avengers), as per my MCU Phase 3 fantasy.   

But the most important among them is Luke Cage.  If there’s only room enough for just one of the Heroes for Hire heroes, the roster slot should go to Luke Cage.  What is unique about this hero is not his powers (super strength, bullet proof) but by being a realistic hero (he even has no real costume) and the toughening and street smarts brought to him by being the stereotypical black man that grew up in the streets.  

And it is very very imperative (at least, for me) that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson should play him.  
Just look at him, he’s perfect for the character!


As my most favorite former villain-turned-hero, unlikely as it may be, I really, really want him to be in that Secret Avengers film I fantasize about.

Who wouldn’t want to see this kind of stuff in the big screen?


Again, this is highly improbable with 20th Century Fox owning the movie rights to Wolverine.  But if Marvel is able to reach some deal with Fox to use Wolverine, and especially Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, that would be a mindblowing coup!!!

But more mindblowing if it’s…


Fans would go crazy if Sony/Columbia allows Marvel Studios to use Spidey in an Avengers movie.  I, for one, Spidey being my most favorite comic book character, would be more than ecstatic!  The two studios would definitely create tons of money if they decide to feed on each other’s properties.  Everybody wins (except DC) if this happens. 

Nonetheless, it’s still a matter of money.  Sony/Columbia might ask too much.  Marvel Studios might not be ready to give much, considering they know they can replicate the success of The Avengers even without a premium property like Spider-Man (which is a refreshed property, as well, thanks to the successful reboot). 

This happening, as of now, is improbable.  But it’s not impossible.  For now, all I can do is wait… and dream.   

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