Thursday, September 13, 2012

09-09-12 Dynamic Worship Special Number

After about a year of Sunday sessions, I was part of those that was able to successfully finish (our batch started out with 15 and 10 remained in the end) the "Life of Disciple" classes - the third leg of the D12 Nurture System of our church.  It's kind of a tradition that as a sort of culminating activity, in a Sunday worship service, the batch should prepare at least one testimony and, if the batch is capable enough, a special number as well.  

Here was our batch's performance: first, we recited our memory verses (that were required to be memorized during our "Life of Disciple" classes) and sang (with actions) "The Love of Jesus" - in English, Tagalog, Taglish, and Bicol (in this order) - and "Day by Day" as if we were merely Sunday School children. lol.  To God be the glory nonetheless!  

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