Saturday, March 02, 2013

2012 in Review (Part 7): Wrap-Up

I would have wanted to do two or three more parts for this series, but it’s March already and I have to wrap this up.  Maybe having a series format for the review of 2012 wasn’t a good idea after all; never found the time to finish all the parts in January, as intended.  Won’t do this again for the review of 2013. LOL.

So how would I evaluate 2012? Hmmm.  It was okay… but could have been better.  Both 2010 and 2011 had been more awesomely notable.  Since 2009, I felt that each successive year has been better than the previous.  Now 2012 had some amazing stuff for me, however, I can’t say it was a better year than 2011.  Let’s say, that with 2012, I feel like I’m still stuck with the “step one.”  Still, I am thankful of 2012.        

In 2012, I screwed up aplenty, but God is so gracious, He bailed me a lot, too.  Of course, I’m deeply sorry of all my mistakes, but eternally grateful for God’s mercy and protection. 

God has shielded me from any major tragedies and sufferings (and I pray He would continually do so).  There were some heartbreaks, but, because of God’s grace, immediate speedy healing follows.  There were some discouragements, but I was always reminded to put my hope in God always and trust His wisdom

There weren’t much personal glory obtained during the year, but that doesn’t matter; I just hope I was able to amply give glory to God in 2012, which is more important.

Lastly, I think the top highlight of 2012 in my life is the fact that I gained a lot of weight that I’m now officially fat (never had a fat physique since I was in my early parts of being a twelve year old).  Hehe.

2012 wasn’t really as terrific as I wanted it to be.  But it didn’t suck either.  I had a blessed year as always.  Life has always been full of struggles.  But God is good.  And everyday in my life, He makes sure that I am reminded of this.    

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