Saturday, November 30, 2013

Even at the Face of Probable Defeat, Don't Be Afraid But Just Give It Your Best Shot: A Spider-Man Lesson

One of the greatest things about Spider-Man is the rich amount of inspiration and moral you can gain from him (which is nowadays absent, with the whole SpOck-thing happening now).   And Amazing Spider-Man #475 (published back in 2001) is one of the most powerful Spidey inspirational moments ever. 

It’s pretty moving.

Spidey finds himself at the ropes.  He knows that winning and surviving this battle is unlikely.  Nonetheless, he doesn’t back down.  Even with probable death looming, Spidey makes his stand with unwavering courage.  For that is the right thing to do – conforming to his “With great power comes great responsibility” motto.   Even if the odds are greatly against him, even if he loses, what is important to him is he tried and did his best.  The outcome – victory or defeat – doesn’t bother him.

That simply illustrates why Spidey is a true hero and role model.

From this, we learn a very valuable Spider-Man lesson:
Life is not all wins.  There will surely be losses as well.  But what is important is how we will conduct ourselves when facing our upcoming battles, especially when there is a very slim chance of victory; defeat almost a guarantee. Should we allow ourselves to be affected and scared, compelling us to fold, or be depressed, embracing defeat even when the battle is not even starting yet?  No, we should definitely not!  Rather, from start to finish, we should be courageous and give it our all.  And even if we lose, we should go down fighting. 

Especially if we are fighting for what is right.

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