Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Guardians of the Galaxy Enrich Their Roster With Captain Marvel and Venom!

In an obvious strategy to promote/tie-in with the upcoming movie, Marvel’s “Free Comic Book Day” (May 3, 2014) special issue will feature the Guardians of the Galaxy.  And two new members shall be joining the team: Captain Marvel and Venom!

* * *
Are Iron Man and Angela being dropped from the team?  They are no longer in the teaser art.  Well, whether they will still be in the team or not, I have currently no great interest in them being on GotG.  But I do have some tinge of curiosity on any development on Angela.  What is the purpose of her introduction to the Marvel Universe post-Age of Ultron?  Does Marvel actually have a brilliant plan behind this?  

* * *
Captain Marvel and Venom joining the Guardians of the Galaxy is indeed a thrilling development.   But, honestly, I prefer the return of the old members – Bug, Major Victory, Astro, and Mantis – of the team.

* * *
The implication of Captain Marvel’s GotG membership is what I like better.  But let me talk of Venom’s recruitment first.    

When he was still being teased as a “new mystery member” silhouette a few days back, the three major speculations were the Punisher, Cable, and Venom.  
My money has always been on it turning out to be Venom.

Venom has always been one of my favorite comic book characters, but it was when he became “Agent Venom”, with Flash Thompson as host, that I like the character best.   It’s pretty cool and surprising that he’s joining the GotG, but I still can’t figure how he would fit in on the team.  He seems out of place.  Sure, I understand that the Venom symbiote is from space and all that. But, in my opinion, the Agent Venom character works best on down-to-earth, covert-style adventures on earthly settings.  He has been fantastic as a Secret Avenger (he should have been retained in the current Secret Avengers line-up), and is just perfect as part of the current Thunderbolts (so, will he leave this team once he became part of the GotG?).  It escapes me how Venom would thrive in the GotG.  Just have to wait and see.        

* * *
When it was revealed that Iron Man was going to join the new GotG team this year, only one reasonable explanation came to mind why it was done: Robert Downey, Jr.’s Iron Man was going to be part of the GotG film!   It makes perfect sense.  Iron Man is the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that would be the most brilliant approach of connecting the GotG film with the rest of the MCU.  However, this theory has not materialized.  The movie is in production now, and there has never been a mention of Tony Stark being in it.  Thus, it’s highly unlikely (unless, Marvel is actually doing it under extreme secrecy).  It was clearly a missed opportunity to do something pretty epic.    

But with Captain Marvel joining the roster in the GotG comics, could it be that she is meant to be introduced in the GotG film?  The potential makes me pretty excited.  This would open up a lot of possibilities.  Would love to see her in an Avengers movie and her own solo movie.  Think of this: a Captain Marvel movie happening (in Phase 3) before a Wonder Woman movie is ever made?!  Pretty mindblowing if it becomes a reality.

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