Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Insane Theory: Natalie Portman Is Going to Be the Next Thor

When it was announced last year, as part of Avengers NOW!, that a female will not only assume Thor’s powers and Mjolnir but his name as well, I wasn’t particularly sold on the whole idea.  I argued in a past post that “Thor” is much of a definitive male name as “Spider-Man”, and letting a female assume the “Thor” name will make as less sense as Carlie Cooper assuming the name of “Spider-Man.” 

But, now, eight Thor issues later (and a couple of appearances in other books), I found the character so likable that I’m prepared to overlook the problem with the character name’s gender semantics.  Of course, if this were Spider-Man, I would have been greatly pissed (and I was, when Otto Octavius became the Superior Spider-Man) of the status quo change even if everything was done compellingly.  I do am a Thor fan, but not as deeply as I am a Spidey fan to passionately mind it.

One of my favorite 2015 comic book moments so far

Hours ago (as of writing), it was finally revealed that this new Thor is Jane Foster, and the first thought that came to my mind is --

Natalie Portman – who plays Jane Foster in the MCU – is a smart, brilliant, Oscar-winning actress (and one my most favorite actresses ever).  When the first Thor movie came out, an observation made by some critics was that Portman was overqualified to play the role of a mere “love-interest character” as Jane Foster (and going gaga for Chris Hemsworth’s abs).  There was an understandable bafflement with Marvel’s casting choice.  Now, think about it: what if an actress of Portman’s caliber was cast for Jane Foster because the plan all along was for her to inherit the mantle of Thor from Chris Hemsworth?  Crazy, unlikely theory, I know, but there’s also some sense in it. 

Moreover, back in 2013, while being interviewed for Thor: Dark World, Portman teased:
“There are definitely many strong women [in the MCU], but it will be exciting when there is a central female character which I think is coming – I have heard is coming…”
Was she merely referring to the Captain Marvel movie (this was long before an official announcement)?  Was it just a coincidence that it was her that announced of “hearing” such project in the works?  Or could it be that she was already aware of Marvel’s plans for her character?  Was she already in talks of becoming the next MCU’s Thor?   Very intriguing questions.    

Regardless of it being Marvel’s plan or not, it’s something I really want to see.  I know that Hemsworth is at his peak right now, but, seriously, a choice between him continuing as Thor or seeing the female Thor – as to be portrayed by Portman – being adapted into the big screen is a no contest.  The latter scenario is just much more exciting!   (Besides Hemsworth could still hang around, but, as with the comics, he is no longer the central character, and instead of wielding Mjolnir, he would have Jarnbjorn as weapon.)   

If Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster becoming Thor isn’t actually in the plot of Thor: Ragnarok, well, it should be.  Make it happen, Marvel!    

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