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A 'Captain Marvel' Movie Should Be the Priority in Marvel Studios' Phase 3

An argument for a Captain Marvel movie

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk.  They (despite of Hulk lacking a thriving franchise right now) are the implicit “Big 4” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  And they are all males.  Now, there is nothing wrong with that.  But it emits some feeling of insufficiency and imbalance.  Therefore, addressing the gender inequality by including a female presence among that pantheon is very much welcome. 

After Ant-Man, Marvel should prioritize making a movie headlined by a superheroine.

The MCU now has Scar-Jo’s awesome Black Widow.  I love the super-spy Black Widow.  But, in my opinion, despite of the character’s successful, kickass live-action depiction, she doesn’t quite make the cut for a solo movie.  Black Widow, awesome she may be, is a character that doesn’t really have the qualities to establish herself in the same page as the MCU’s Big 4.  A “Black Widow” movie might turn out to be cool, but it won’t measure up with the Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor movies; we need a superheroine movie that would measure up with those successful superhero franchises.     

So we need a female character that can be as big as the Big 4.  Someone that can make it a “Big 5.”  She not only need to be as smart and skilled as Black Widow – again, those qualities are unfortunately not enough – but she need to be in the same power level with the Hulk and Thor, must have the leadership potency of Captain America, and is as savvy and competent as Iron Man.  In short, she should be a clear equal to these Big 4. 

And there is only one obvious, logical choice: Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel.     

Captain Marvel has emerged as one of my most favorite female characters in fiction ever, and I’ve always wanted her become part of the MCU

She is a phenomenal character.   She is super-strong and super-durable that she will have no trouble fighting against or fighting with the Hulk (in fact, in a recent Avengers issue, she even threw Hulk from space to serve as a powerful projectile).  She can fly in super-fast speeds and even in outer space, so Iron Man has nothing on her in terms of aerial combat and mobility.   She can project photonic blasts and absorb energy to augment her own power; so if Thor hit her with lightning, she can just absorb it, and return the force back at him as a blast of light energy.  And like Captain America, she also has military background; and due to this, she is also a proficient pilot (something she is very proud of), a well-trained combatant, and a competent strategist.  She’s a perfect equal to the Big 4.   She is truly deserving of headlining a movie.         

Moreover, she can be the “bridge” between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, considering that she just recently joined the GotG’s present line-up (along with Venom), making her a member of both teams.  Bringing Captain Marvel to the MCU now makes more sense.  She can be part of the eventual expansion of the GotG roster in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and then be in the line-up of Avengers 3 – that would be awesome.     

At the present, Marvel is way ahead of DC in the movie-making battle.   But if Marvel still manage to make a Captain Marvel movie before DC can make a Wonder Woman movie, then that would not only be another big victory for Marvel, but that would also seem like a massive slap to the face of DC for it would demonstrate again how they still can’t properly bring their act together.  That would be really funny.  Even if the sole reason for making a Captain Marvel movie is this fine chance to mess up with DC further, then that should be worth it already.     

Mar-vell should be in the movie, but he should NOT be the first “Captain Marvel”

In the comics, the original “Captain Marvel” superhero was a Kree alien warrior named Mar-vell.  Carol Danvers became acquainted with him.  One day, she was abducted by Yon-Rogg, an alien enemy of Mar-vell.  Mar-vell went to the rescue, but during that clash, Yon-Rogg’s “psyche-magnetron” device got damaged and exploded.  Mar-vell and Carol was caught in the blast, and the particle bombardment from the explosion altered Carol’s genetic structure: Mar-vell’s Kree DNA got embedded onto Carol.  As a result, Carol gained Kree powers and she adopted the superhero name, “Ms. Marvel.” 

That can basically serve as the framework of the movie’s own origin sequence.  But there should be two major differences.  First, Mar-vell should have his Kree warrior background intact, but he should not be a superhero going along with a superhero name of “Captain Marvel.”   Second, Mar-vell should die due to that blast that gave Carol her powers. 

For the sake of this movie, the “Captain Marvel” superhero name should be taken by Carol Danvers immediately, unlike in the comics where she went with “Ms. Marvel” for a time before choosing to adopt the “Captain Marvel” mantel to honor the name’s original bearer.  Sure, the movie’s narrative can point out that the origin of the “Captain Marvel” name is attributed to a pun of “Mar-vell” (in fact, it is a good approach to do so), but Carol should be set up as the first Captain Marvel.  That would be to the advantage of everything in this movie, for it would establish Carol Danvers as the one and only “Captain Marvel” and not just a successor.        

In the comics, Mar-vell would eventually end up dead anyway (that’s why Carol got the chance to get the “Captain Marvel’ name for herself).   Therefore, keeping Mar-vell around in the movie’s story beyond the sequence wherein Carol gained her powers would serve no purpose at all.  So it’s better to kill him off after using him as the plot device that would give Carol her powers.  Moreover, his death could also serve as Carol’s “Uncle Ben” moment, i.e. the catalyst that would compel her to become a superhero.      

The iconic Ms. Marvel costume should make a brief, early appearance.  But Carol should NOT initially go with a “Ms. Marvel” superhero name. 

Again, it is imperative and useful to the narrative for Carol Danvers to immediately go into the “Captain Marvel” name.  Therefore, there is no need for her to debut as “Ms. Marvel” first.  Maybe the “Ms. Marvel” name can be given a fleeting mention during the part wherein she and/or the people around her are contemplating what superhero name she can go with.  But she shouldn’t be a “Ms. Marvel” first and then go with “Captain Marvel” later on; Carol Danvers should be “Captain Marvel” right from the start of her superhero career.      

Nonetheless, Carol Danver’s “Ms. Marvel” career has been pretty popular with fans.  Thus, it would be much appreciated if a good reference to it is made.  The best way is for Carol to be given the opportunity to wear the Ms. Marvel attire in the early part of the movie wherein her Captain Marvel appearance is not yet made definite.  Fans would go crazy.

(Also, the Ms. Marvel costume was hot.  And seeing this in live-action depiction would be a delight.)   

The actress for the role

I prefer a young, capable, and charming actress – someone in her 20’s – to play the part.  We would need an actress that would remain appealing in a span of around ten years of movies – something like three Captain Marvel movies, two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and two Avengers movies.  I don’t have someone specific in mind at the moment though.      

Seriously, would love to see something like this in live-action:

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