Saturday, May 30, 2015

'Kung Fury' Is an Awesomely Absurd Work of Art

Kung Fury is probably the most epic Kickstarter-funded production since last year’s Veronica Mars movie.  It’s a 30-minute short about a cop named Kung Fury who became a kung fu master after being simultaneously hit by lightning and bitten by a cobra.  Sounds insane?  Well, everything about Kung Fury is insane.  An arcade cabinet that transforms into a killer robot, a hacker that can send someone back in time through hacking, a raptor that shoots lasers from its eyes, valkyries with heavy caliber guns, a kung fu-practicing Adolf Hitler, and a triceratops cop are just some of the insanity featured in Kung Fury.

Kung Fury seems like something being imagined out by an 80’s kid during his playtime.  But that’s the whole point.  It is intentionally ridiculous and cheesy, simultaneously lampooning and paying tribute to 80’s pop culture, to serve as an elaborate, over-the-top joke that only those that grew up in the 80’s (or are familiar with 80’s pop culture) will fully get.

When I referred to King Fury as a “work of art” in the title, I was just exaggerating.  It’s actually not.  But I was really enthralled by its absurdity and nostalgic charm that it seemed to be so while I was watching it.  Nonetheless, it’s pretty hilarious, and well-made for what it is.  The details of the production – from special effects down to awful techno music – create a genuine 80’s ambience.  Heck, the whole thing is even made to look as if you are watching it from an old VHS player.  If anything else, you have to appreciate the work and thought put into this project.

Kung Fury is free to watch, and is readily available in Youtube (just search for it) and file sharing sites.

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