Thursday, May 10, 2018

Move Over, Oliver Queen. Cheryl Blossom Is The CW's New Premier Vigilante Archer.

Riverdale has always been a pretty crazy show, but the penultimate episode of season 2, “Judgement Night”, really turned the dial up to eleven.   It’s packed with insane happenings, but what really stood out for me was Cheryl Blossom, who suddenly became a vigilante archer.  I couldn’t stop laughing by how ridiculous yet delightful that is.

“Judgement Night” picks up after the closing scene of the previous episode: the Black Hood showing up suddenly at Cheryl Blossom’s front door.  The axe-wielding masked serial killer then proceed to go The Shining at Riverdale’s favorite red-headed queen bee.  But before he can catch up to her, she has already picked her bow and arrows, and has donned a Little Red Riding Hood costume to boot.
After that scene, I was expecting the Arrow theme and title sequence to kick in.

Later in the episode, when Jughead goes to save Toni from the Ghoulies, guess who his choice of backup is.

She is then seen hanging out with the Southside Serpents.  Then, in an amusing scene similar to what Betty had a couple of episodes ago, she raises her hand during a Serpent vote.
Adorable. Lol.
At that point, I was like, “Holy River Vixen!  Is Cheryl going to be a Serpent?”  Well, I guess she will be, as the teaser trailer for next week’s episode – the season finale – has this shot:
This made my jaw drop. A red (pink?) Southside Serpent jacket for Cheryl?! Genius!

My Riverdale crush is Betty Cooper.  But, by gosh, I can’t help but love Cheryl Blossom.

P.S. Jughead better not be dead.

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