Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RE: Superior Spider-Man Part 5 (Or "Peter Parker's Death Anniversary")

It has been some time since I’ve written about the Superior Spider-Man or SpOck (Spider-Ock) for short.  And a couple of notable things have happened since then: SpOck encountered the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man 2099 (and he’s currently tackling with Agent Venom); Miguel O’Hara got stuck in the present time after crossing paths with SpOck; Carlie and Wraith did some secret investigating and finally learned of Doc Ock’s takeover of Peter Parker’s body; Carlie got captured by the Green Goblin’s posse (I have a gut feeling that Carlie will end up dead in the culmination of this arc); Horizon Labs and “Peter Parker” parted ways; “Peter Parker” got his doctorate; “Peter Parker” started his own tech company;  SpOck mind-controlled the Sinister Six to aid him in crimefighting (which I had accurately called back then); etc.

I actually intended of not writing about Superior Spider-Man anymore (at least, for this year).  And among the developments I’ve enumerated above, they weren’t that much compelling to make me rant about.   So why am I writing another rant on Superior Spider-Man?  Well… this month marks a full year since Peter Parker’s death.  So let me share my thoughts, for the last time (at least, for this year), about the Superior Spider-Man, in honor of Peter Parker’s death anniversary.  One year has passed of Dan Slott’s blasphemous (albeit, I admit, entertainingly kickass) Superior Spider-Man run and I’m tired of it.  I greatly miss Peter Parker, the Amazing – and RIGHTFUL – Spider-Man

Yes, there are still a couple of Peter Parker comic books out there: the Marvel Knights mini-series and Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 to #700.5, plus, a graphic novel that is on its way in 2014 featuring Peter Parker and his sister (?!).   The tales are, however, merely flashbacks – Spider-Man adventures prior Doc Ock’s takeover in Amazing Spider-Man #700.  Yes, I am thankful for these; that is better than no Peter Parker at all.  But it’s not the same as having him back in present continuity.  Not even close.  The actual return of Peter Parker would be an enough Christmas gift for me.      

Aside from the inspiration, the thing I miss most about Peter Parker as Spider-Man is the humor.  Gab, comedic antics, and witty quips have always been an integral part of Spider-Man’s charm as a character.  Thus, it’s one of the many reasons why this whole SpOck storyline should end as soon as possible, for the characterization of Spider-Man being a compulsive comedian might get lost from general consciousness.  If references like this are made…
…those that will grow up on SpOck, who will not be aware that Spider-Man used to be funny, will fail to appreciate how awesome Tony Stark’s comment is regarding Peter Quill’s witticism.   

Though SpOck’s arrogant personality can be unintentionally amusing in certain circumstances, it however induces more annoyances at most times than funniness.  Usually, he’s all about business.  No room for nonsense and fun.  However, there are rare gems like this…
With moments like this, I hate SpOck less.  He is being Peter-like.  And that’s good.  In fact, it makes me think that this SpOck – regardless of Superior Spider-Man #9 – could be actually be Peter Parker after all.  He only believes that he’s Otto Octavius.  Their personalities just got mixed up badly – Otto’s memories and personalities complexly integrating into Peter Parker’s; enough to make Peter Parker think that he’s actually Otto.  And as time will pass, Peter’s real personality will gradually resurface (instances where SpOck will act more Peter-like), until Peter Parker full “resurrects” by realizing and remembering his real personality.   Crazy theory. 

Still, most of the time, I hate what SpOck is doing as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.  Sure, there are a few awesome changes that Otto is bringing into Peter Parker’s and Spider-Man’s status quo.   I like that Otto made “Peter Parker” a doctor.  And I totally dig the new retractable spider-limbs at Spidey’s back (hope Pete keeps most of SpOck’s tech when he gets his body back).  But most of the time, SpOck seems to be messing up with the good that Peter has done.  

Greatest example: his treatment of Kaine – the Scarlet Spider – during their meeting.
That was horrible.  Made me sick.  Ruined how Peter Parker’s goodness touched Kaine into turning his life around.  Now Kaine thinks that Peter has given up on him.  (To be fair, it was kind of dumb in Kaine’s part for not noticing the difference in “Peter Parker”; this was not the Pete he knew.) 

(Sigh.)  I hope for the end of Superior Spider-Man soon.  Before SpOck completely ruins everything about what Spider-Man stands for.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie is on its way in 2014.  Surely, it’s wise to bring back Peter Parker in the comics by then, right?  One year of SpOck insanity should be enough!
Oh, come on, stop Superior-ing everything already! 
Superior Spider-Man #27 has this intriguing title: “The End” (to kick off the “Goblin Nation” arc)– then, I hope that this end is of SpOck once and for all (though unlikely at this point).

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