Monday, February 17, 2014

Leaked Test Footage of "Guardians of the Galaxy" is a Glimpse of How Awesome the Movie Will Be

Guardians of the Galaxy is already something I’ve been greatly looking forward to, but after seeing this rough test footage of Rocket Raccoon and Groot in action, I’m madly excited to see the entirety of this epicness…
I was blown away.  Seriously, I’ve probably stared at this four-second GIF loop for five minutes straight at a time in no less than three separate occasions.  Watching an intense Rocket Raccoon spewing hot lead from some kind of submachine gun while Groot is snarling with his best Hulk impression has been spellbinding.  The two just look incredibly badass!  Imagine, those are the characters that Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are respectively playing.  Can’t wait to see them emit awesomeness.      

Heck, I’m calling it now: Guardians of the Galaxy could likely turn out to be Marvel Studios’ greatest hit.  I’m not just optimistic about it, I’ll even dare say that GotG could even become a bigger thing than Star Trek and Star Wars.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Of course, I could be wrong, but that’s just my honest gut feeling about it.   

The potential is there.  If the test footage is an accurate barometer of how GotG will turn out, then I’m predicting that it’s going to be bizarre, dynamic, funny, action-packed, and thrilling.

The characters are fascinating and unique; the roster might not be totally dysfunctional, but with a talking raccoon and a living tree in it, plus two green-skinned hard-asses in Drax and Gamora,  and a leader that is described by Iron Man as “nuttier than three Spider-Men all rolled up into one”, this is one interestingly bonkers team.

And its production has been wrapped in mystery so far that several mindblowing surprises could have been prepared, like an appearance of Iron Man or the introduction of Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (if implications from comic book developments are actual indications).

This is going to be epic.

The first GotG trailer that is scheduled for release in February 18 (19 in my timezone) will either support or refute my sentiment.   

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